Tuesday, 28 May 2013

May 15 - 18, 2013 .. ITHACA, New York

Joe and I were invited to Ithaca, New York, by our sailing friends that we met in the St. Lawrence Seaway, to give a presentation to their club members.

Ted and Nancy Siemon  (s/v Redheads), drove us around the area, we saw a number of fantastic waterfalls, we toured the grounds of Cornell University, which the enrollment of 21,000

Taughannock Falls State Park, this 215 foot waterfall plunges through a rock amphitheater whose walls reach nearly 400 feet.

We had to check this out "Legal Beverages"

Joe spoke of our 2012 sailing trip, from Georgian Bay, Owen Sound, Ontario to Shediac, New Brunswick .... a 2 1/2 month adventure

we had a fantastic tour of MacKenzie - Childs factory

everything was so brilliant and colourful

a flowering shrub/tree, 'RED BUD", grows wild in Ithaca, Joe and I priced one back here in Canada, and prices start at $99 - $175