Monday, 28 October 2013

September 16,17 and Back Home on the 18th, 2013

we took a side trip to see Saint-Jean-Port-Joli again at low tide, last year low tide was at 11 at night and it was hard to take pictures of the marina without any water.  At low tide Modaki's  keel went 1 foot into the mud

the marina has a mud slinger to suck the mud out of the basin and over the wall, we understand it has to be done every third day

our next stop was to see Lily's (my daughter), French Exchange family, Rejean, Eloise and Isabelle
in Portneuf .. we were treated to a fantastic meal and a tour of the area

 we had a tour of Rejean's pine plantation, they are pruning the trees clean of branches to 9 ft from the ground to get  knot free logs for the next generation to harvest.

then we took the VTT (ATV), back to the sugar shack

Isabelle toured us around the area and took us to their summer home, which is on the St. Lawrence River ... it was great to see all the home renovations  and a freighter to boot

a highlight was to see this private house being built, it is a replica of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City... which I saw some 30 years ago  

Quebec is so full of art, this is a bridge that at night coloured lights shine up thru the metal pipes

so after 3 1/2 months Joe and I return home, it is a bitter sweet moment

our first visitors were Lily, and Wyatt Baker

this is the sea glass that we picked up on our road trip back home, golf balls, and old iron too

a few days later we went to Keady Market, for some fresh veggies

some not so happy cattle being auctioned off

September is a great month for fresh veggies in Ontario

this was a good year for apples in our area, so we picked some wild apples and made
Apple Butter for Christmas gifts

we have been busy preserving, getting our house plants back from friends,
putting the house back together, visiting family and friends, Joe has been sailing on other peoples boats
 and woodworking, I have been dog/house sitting.  We are doing more house renovations too.  We have been asked to speak again at the Toronto Boat Show, this January 2014.(exact dates will be posted once we get them) ...... Thank you for following Joe's and my adventure.  ..... we will be going back to Modaki June 2014, to get her back in the water, tour more of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.  Then head down to Shelburne, Nova Scotia, and wait on a weather window to cross the Bay of Fundy to Maine, USA ..... then head down to New York City, and the Intracoastal Waterways to Florida, and cross to the Bahamas after Christmas !!!
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