Saturday, 17 September 2016

September 2 - 17, 2016 boat delivery - Jaxson's 2nd birthday - more deck work

Joe, Jeff and Steve delivering a boat from Owen Sound to Wiarton … coming in to the dock

a 7 hour delivery in nice weather, sailing most of the way

and a pot luck at the end of the sail with Jeff, Joe, John, Doug, Roberta and Steve

Jaxson's 2nd birthday party

another nice day with Bouncy Castle in Lily's country house back yard

the theme is Paws Partol and Jax's dad is a fire fighter

face painting .. Layla with her rainbow 

the kids just had to try on all the gear

super birthday cake

these little guys are all 3 months old and born within weeks of each other, and their
mom's are all friends

the boys especially loved to drive the fire truck
it was a great party

back to our deck

half of the cedar decking laid .. bring out the champagne 

another step  completed

another one of my projects

glass plates made into a garden flower

McTeer and McTeer 2 .. license stickers installed .. getting ready for another year

August 17 - September 1, 2016 Summerfolk - tiling - decking projects

one of my crafty ideas, sea glass and drift wood wind chimes

working on our first ceramic tiling job at Lily's country place

a great idea to charge your cell phone at Summerfolk in Owen Sound
pedalling a bike to product the power

the day started out nice and sunny

but of course, it would not be right if it did not rain
even the puppy was protected

Natalie McMaster preforming

the amphitheatre completely packed full

we are finally starting our deck at Joe's place

holes being dug

sono tubes all installed and leveled

Joe and I laying laminated flooring for a customer

just about finished

a few times a week our neighbour leaves us fresh tomatoes …
we do live in a great neighbourhood

grouting the wood looking tiles, next comes all the baseboards, and bi-fold doors

next stage of our deck .. rebar installed down the sono tubes

Mike, Lily's boyfriend, helped us mix and pour the 50 bags of cement

my job was filling the holes

next came more levelling and making sure the slope of dirt was kept away from the
house and out to the lane way

Lily came and cleaned the McTeer mobiles