Sunday, 26 March 2017

March 23 - 25, 2017 Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was in the same anchorage .. he is in the white shirt and yellow shorts
boat name Short Game .. 155ft and worth 20 million
later he moved to the other side of the Sea of Abaco and then up to Bakers Bay, Great Guana Cay the home of the
rich and famous

this wreck was at North Bar … back hoe on board …. it looks like it ran aground and it was left there and it was all rusty .. the grounding must of happened in the last year

our painted floor was peeling (we used the wrong paint), so
Joe is stripping it back 

as of today it is all cleaned up and washed and ready to apply oil base paint

we are at Mangoes Marina to sit out the gale force winds, and be able to get off the
boat .. Friday I went to every boat in the marina and invited them to a
pot luck … and it was well attended

our friends Bert, Almost Heaven (right) and Chris, Groovin brought there guitars

 it has been a year since we saw Gill and Sharlene from First Love 

this little cutie speaks, French, English and Spanish

Rey our dock master supplied wine and beer for us all
Rey (left)

I made fish fritters and it didn't take long for them to be gone

Chris from Persistence sv Morgan 41 Classic,  we have just met them, they are from Edmonton, Alberta …….Chris and Tom had
First Love, Gill and Sharlene and Modaki over for a BBQ the next night ….

Thursday, 23 March 2017

March 19 - 22, 2017 finding wind protection

after MOW we moved to Crossing Beach Ferry Landing for the night, with Wingspread, for protection from NW .. then the next day to Tiloo Cay for NE protection ….
we decided to do some fishing … with no luck … but it at least it  got us off the boat

behind a small island for some wind protection

Chris and Charlie

ahhh let the captain drive and I can relax .. and yes it was cool at 65 F … with the NE wind off the ocean

passing thru a shallow cut … and who is anchored in the same vicinity … see power vessel
posting to follow 

finally I caught a small fish .. a Grunt … and yes they do grunt when out of the water …
it made us laugh at his noise

another night in paradise

the next day we motored to Lynyard Cay, past North Bar Ocean cut, which is always rolley .. and it was today also … at our anchorage we where met with about 10 dolphins

Joe and I walked the ocean beach and got some sea glass and 3 sea beans

back to the dinghy we can now smell the forest fire burning across the Sea of Abaco

this boat was in the Lynyard Cay anchorage, called My Maggie, and you can charter it
for a small fee of $55,000 a week 

we had happy hour on Wingspread with Charlie and Chris
Chris makes the best water chestnuts wrapped in bacon

another night in paradise, with the forest fire burning to the left of the sun set

the next day we headed north again and stopped at a sunken barge to check out
the fish, and there was many including a Lion Fish

then we walked another beach and found an abandoned kayak, info in this later

and a sea bean

these trees look like they have been washed ashore in a hurricane

another mystery boat .. look at the man on the bow, he is so small … it was coming into Marsh Harbour for fuel

March 18, 2017 Man of War Cay fund raiser

looks like this little dog likes our dinghy more than his 

this is a good slogan

there is a home on MOW that has drift wood sculptures in their front and back yard … when we went looking for them, we where told that they have returned to the states for the summer and everything is put away for safe keeping … next year we will return and see his creations
this is one of the sculptures in the front yard  . brain coral on cement

Abaco is directly across from north Africa … now you know … no wonder
it is so hot here in the summer

one of the many cement walk ways and steps leading to a house that is no longer there,
either a hurricane or rot took it down

some art I like

we came to MOW and anchored out to attend a fund raiser for the s/v William H. Albury

the boat was built on Man of War and was abandoned in Jamaica, and our friend Dave Wright 
has been interested in this boat for maybe 4 years .. the beginning price to buy it was $45,000 … but it ended up that Dave paid the bar bill of the owner $200 dollars

a similar boat was in the Kingston, Ontario area and is scrapped, but the owner has donated, the mast, rigging and sails to  s/v William H.  … what is needed is $12, 000 to ship the donation to Abaco

Dave showed 2 movies  the Irving Johnson's 1926 Peking Adventure around Cape Horn, and another movie called Pull and Away a documentary of the Georgetown, Exumas Regatta in the 1950's
(pull and away, means that you start the race with the sails down and the anchor down .. so you PULL up the anchor and sails and you are AWAY)

Dave sang us a few songs, and yes he has not had shoes on since January 2107, there fore we call him
Barefoot Dave

oh yeah Lady Gaga was at Nippers Bar, Great Guana Cay, the same night we where at MOW

March 15 - 17, 2017 St. Patric's Day

getting ready for the St. Patrick's Day parade
do you think I had enough green on ….  green crocs, socks, legging, scarf, beads, last years orange t-shirt with green printing …  and yes it was cold .. 60 f

in the mean time the Defence Force made a grand entrance to the harbour, 4 out of the 5 guys where
on their cell phones … I guess they finally got wifi coverage

Little Bill, from Snappers on left and his good friend the Grand Marshall on the right, I can't
remember his name, lets say Mr. Patrick, but what a character, he is Scottish, but grew up in Ireland
Little Bill gave everyone a free beer, green or gold beads and a ticket for a free rum punch at his bar, which is about 300 yards from the start of the parade …
that is why it is called The Worlds Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade

we got a Irish song and a dance, the glasses made him look so strange, but Mr. Patrick
sure was hamming it up

and Mr. Patrick was dressed from head to toe

and he knew so many locals and cruisers
and there was that constant smile 

the parade starts and the traffic stops

a couple of cruisers from British Columbia

Charlie from Wingspread blowing the conch, and he for sure can blow it … just like
Terry Ferenze on Clarity .. GYC

Chris with her noise maker

the first stop was at Jimmy's Liquor Store for a free Sand's Beer
one for every one

aren't those leggings just the best … lol

then we stopped at Wally's for either a green jello rum shooter or a coconut water and gin drink
actually the non drinker captain on Modaki, had the coconut and gin drink and liked it ..

then it is off to Snappers for complimentary rum punch …
this years parade only had about 100 cruisers … but that was alright
Wally's had made over 200 jello shooters and the 6 of us enjoyed probably another
4 extra shooters each … finally I said enough is enough and accepted the free shooters, but
took them back to the boat and enjoyed them over the next few days ..

now we all want to know how to make these jello shooters…
we ordered some food and listened to free music 

our Sax player 

Captain Sailor Joe and his better half … lol

then our Grand Marshall sang another song, and the party got louder and louder
we left before the next band started to play … but I liked the guys Irish t-shirt .. it said
Rub me for Luck, with a shamrock in the middle

our Grand Marshall, Mr. Patrick, was proud to introduce his life long friend and wife, she is
Bahamian … I'm sure they have many great adventures to tell

what a great day we had … and will do it again next year