Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July 29 - Portneuf

  • view from Isabelle and Rejean summer house
  • Rejean's sister Lorraine, and husband Rene
  • low tide at Portneuf ... tough climb up ramp
  • at market
  • Joe having his capuccino and date square and Isabelle and I beer ... no juice
  • plywood boat
  • Joe carting our groceries to the boat
  • thank you Rejean and Isabelle
  • we got to meet part of the family
  • Rita
  • Therese and Marcel
  • Jean-Sebastian and Isabelle and Marie (Emile was at camp)
  • Lorraine and Rene
  • and we end with chickens roosting

Still in Portneuf July 29/12

July 27/12 Quebec City

  • at the main harbour a US Frigate (spelling) and a Canadian ship giving tours .... there was tons of security, especially in the water ... no boats where allowed near the US boat.
  • Cafe du Monde, there we had brunch, Eloise use to work here, we got a patio view of the harbour
  • sailboats having fun on a windy day, and lots of currant and tides ... some of the sailboats where going sideways up stream ... and yes I said up stream
  • Isabelle and Eloise
  •  a nice cold one and smoked salmon with fruit and seafood bake
  • on the way to washroom is a spiral staircase
  • Chateau Frontinac  
  • then tons of pictures of Old Quebec ........
  • Isabelle and Rejean in front of Cafe Temporel, where Joe had his croissant and capuccino
  • and the rest of us had ice cold beer  
  • at the harbour .. Louise basin/harbour   where there is a lift bridge and lock to keep the water in the marina

A day in Quebec City, by car July 27/12