Thursday, 17 September 2015

Sept 7 - 16, 2015 buying food in bulk and the HULK came for a visit

"Snow Bird " suggested that we try Costco's Pulled Pork, to take to the Bahamas … yup we have order 12 cans and 12 cans of Costco's Chicken Breast in water ..

just add BBQ sauce to the Pulled Pork and it is delicious

some of the other foods we have stocked up on for this years 6 months on the boat … 15 containers of Coffee, 8 jars Peanut Butter, 6 cans of Red Salmon, Canola Oil, Gluten Free Crackers, paper towels … 12 containers of non pressurized alcohol fuel for our cook stove .. and that is just the beginning

of course we are still sea glass hunting .. I have finally started organizing some of it

Joe has started on refinishing another tool box, this one is a timber framers box … more pictures to follow in a few weeks

we enjoy our visits from Carter

the HULK came for a visit one day also 

Carter and I are surprising Lily with staining her made in High School table … so much fun with a 5 year old and stain .. I think I will have to repaint the wall … lots of splatters

August 26 to Sept 6, 2015 daughter Lily has bought her self a home, Scott came back for a visit

Lily has bought her self a house in the country, near Chatsworth, including a 2 acre lot with tons of grass to cut

built in 1987, 2 years older than Lily … split level bungalow, 3 bedrooms, bath, kitchen and living room on the top level and laundry, recreation room and bedroom on the lower level

all of the rooms needed cleaning and painting, it took us about 2 weeks to paint the top level

Joe is removing the bathroom vanity top and has now installed a new one, plus changed most of the plumbing and wiring in the whole house

Sue cleaning the kitchen cupboards, we have now painted them white, and Lily is going to replace the counter top with one to match the bathroom 

Carter came for a visit and decorated the front step with his art work

the first party in the back yard

Jaxson is one year old

the theme is John Deere

Jaxson in the corn box … (sand box)

sack races for the adults

mom Ashley and Jaxson

Joe and I attended one day of Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival in Owen Sound … here is David Francey, Steve Poltz and Donovan Woods

Braden Phelan

MacKenzie Blues Band

Digging Roots

the next stage of the Walter's Falls new picture windows … Joe is installing the frames .. look at that view

once the window panes arrive we will install the siding and seal up everything for the winter

Joe is heading out to deliver this sailboat to Wiarton, there was not much wind so it took them about 8 hours

Joe's son Scott came back to Ontario for a visit, he is enjoying his work with LP Tents in Edmonton, Alberta … Scott and Ben Lemon room together in Edmonton

July 25 - August 25, 2015 Happy 82 Birthday to Joe's mom, Harriet Parker

Joe and I have been working on a job in the Walter's Falls area, removing a fireplace and installing huge windows

the fireplace is gone and Joe has made window frames, installed flooring, drywalled, and painted

then we removed the two side windows and increased there size also, we are still waiting on the panes to arrive

this is a roll top jewellers desk that Joe has refinished for a customer

we took some time off and went to the Ottawa area to meet up with "Persuasion ", Mike and Mary Ellen Taylor, they have brought their sail boat back to Canada …  we had a great visit

we toured some of the water falls in the Ottawa area

went to the Market

ate lots of great food

the Flight Locks at the Parliament Buildings

and of course  …

visited a good friend Bruce Hood

then off to see "Snow Bird ", Dave and Janine, in the Kingston Area, for a few days

back at home we had a great East Indian meal at Tilak's home, and met up again with Davey, who was visiting from California