Monday, 27 July 2015

July 16 - 24, 2015 Spending quality time with Carter .. Antique Tool Sale

recently we had a goods and exchange day in Owen Sound and our neighbours put to this lego set
Carter and I had a great time making animals

then Joe had his hand at making a tall tower, teaching Carter that it has to be wider at the bottom so
it would not fall over

then Nana McTeer, (me) took Carter to Harrison Park to feel the ducks and

play on the play set

after an hour or so we headed off to get some ice cream, of course

we both did some jobs for fiends, Otto and Paulien Visser, Joe cleaned the chimney
and we stripped old shingles off a shed and installed new ones

Joe sold some more of his Antique Tools in Fergus this past weekend

it was well attended and his 20 year old collection is getting smaller and smaller

and of course Fergus is not complete unless you have bag pipes being played down town

 that's it for no, more to come in a few weeks ...

July 1 - 15, 2015 a visit from Snow Bird and Lydia Olive is born

Dave and Janine (Snowbird) came for a visit and picked up their solar panel that we brought back for them from Florida, we all went and visited Terry and Kim (Clarity) at their home on Colpoys Bay near Wiarton, Ontario

while Snow Bird was with us we visited Keady Farmers Market and Livestock Market, toured the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Harrison Park and enjoyed many good meals

Jamie and Martha Nicol, took us out for a cruise of the Owen Sound Harbour in their power boat
Project 50

it was a great day, we all sat on the top deck enjoying the sun and warmth, we motored up to Commodore and saw Hay/ Griffith and White Cloud Islands

another home project under way, the west side of Joe's work shop needed to be scrapped and repainted
the last paint we got only lasted for 2 years before it started to peel and fall off
Joe's work truck, from Lands and Forests  has now been returned, as his 2 1/2 month job is finished for this year .. and it looks like next year he will be hired back on again

our back yard … it has been a pleasure to be able to do a laundry when ever and hang it
on the line to dry … not an easy task on the boat, especially when living in salt water

Joe and I headed out to our own beaches in Owen Sound for some sea glass collecting

our best finds today … a glass bottle stopper, pink glass, nice rare colour of blue, mottled glass and the leg and foot off a porcelain doll, we think

Joe hand cleaning part of a jewellers work bench

it is all apart at the moment but will post pictures when he has it all completed

making lime pickle

our friends from Africa taught us the recipe .. making some to take with us on the boat
the limes on the left are about one month old, they get better with age

we got a chance to look after Wyatt when his mom and boyfriend went to the movies, Lily came for a
visit also

when Wyatt was about 2 yrs old, I started collecting coins for him to put in his treasure box, which he keeps at our house .. here he is showing Joe the new coins from this past years sailing trip, Bahamian coins and Cape Canaveral (space ship) coins   … 

this month Lydia Olive was born

her big brother Niall

to my niece Sara Gateman and partner Derek Cresby


oh yes Lily, my daughter has bought her self a house, the rents on Owen Sound are so high,
that having a mortgage was just about the same cost … pictures of the house in a few weeks, once she get ownership … the house comes with all of the appliances, but the existing stove is in such bad shape that she would have to buy a new one any way .. Joe was at our local auction house and got this just about brand new, clean and self cleaning stove for $45 dollars … a house warming gift to her

we have it all packed up and taking it to Sue's place for a few weeks

June 16 - 30, 2015 East Indian Dinner / and Lily buying a house

I bought for Joe a heavy duty vice, here he is cleaning it up, he has a few projects in his work shop more on that later

Sue Allison and I have been working on our vegetable garden at her place

we are eating lots of rhubarb, onions, lettuce, swiss chard, spinach, snow peas … tomatoes are forming and so are the peppers and squash

so far I've made Strawberry jam, shown here, and Raspberry and Mango Jams

I helped my good friend Tilak Fernando, de-clutter, clean and stage her home for selling, it is now on the market … part of our deal was she was going to make a East Indian meal for our family and friends
here Carter and Mahay play on the back deck

Mahay, Lily and Carter

Mary Lou, Michelle, Sasha, Chandi and Sue

Pouge and Tilak

Lily and Sue out for a spin in the Mazda Miata, plum colour
Sue use to have a 1959 - 106 completely restored Austin Healey, she says the Miata is much more
reliable .. ha ha

June 1 - 15, 2015 Carters 5th Birthday and graduation from J. K.

Joe and I got to host Carter's Birthday Party in our back yard, the weather was great and the 15 kids got to splash in the pool and throw water balloons at each other, while the adults went for the protection of the umbrellas 
There was lots of homemade hamburgers, hotdogs, veggies to go around and of course the …. CAKE

Carter is a great fan of the Hulk and all of the Super Hero's, Lily had this made for him

to Carter's surprise Batman came to help him open his presents

Wyatt Baker, Carter Reid and Batman (aka Ryan Marriott) one of Carters dads best friends

Joe and I always love to have Carter stay with us and here is Joe and Carter playing lacrosse, Joe played on a team in his younger days, and I think he still has the moves for it, but says his knees won't handle the running any more

of course we need to head off to McDonalds for an ice cream come

then putting Lego together, another one of Joe's favourite  past time, Scott (Joe's son) has a huge Lego collection and they spent hours together assembling, many years ago

Carter is blowing bubbles while Joe is worn out from playing, ha ha … or just catching a few rays of the warm sun

Kim (Clarity) and I are enjoying a sail out in the Owen Sound Harbour

while Terry and Joe do all the work.  It was actually light winds that night, so not much to do.  After the race we had a pot luck back at the club.

it is graduation day from Jr. Kindergarten, here is Wyatt showing his mom some of his work

Carter is showing his dad, Jesse and Lily his accomplishments

every page had to be explained, what a great keepsake

the 2 best buddies Carter and Wyatt, Joe and I are so lucky to have these two little ones in our lives
we are looking forward to spending more time with them both this summer

I brought home all our spices from the boat, so it was time to sort them out and take count and get what I will need for when we return … as all of them will be heading back to the boat with us in November

now that's more organized

I helped Carter's dad, Jesse, with a deck cleaning project in Sauble Beach, it was nice working under the trees on such a hot day, but we had to work hard on removing the moss from the wood

this project is still on going, because the hot and humid days, with rain, it is hard to find a few good days in a row to let the wood dry before the next stage

to be continued  ...