Thursday, 25 August 2016

July 17-August 16, 2016 Happy 84th Birthday to Joe's Mom .. and 50th Wedding to Uncle Bev and Aunt Joyce

Happy Birthday to Harriet Parker, some of her family

Some pictures of the big birthday party
Joe and I

Mary Lou


Betty and Sylvia

our host Donna and Syl playing his sax

great grand children

Megan, Sylvia, Susan, Elliot and Lily

Mary Ann and Jenny

Joe and Cath

Sue and Harriet

Syl and Harriet

Uncle Bev and Aunt Joyce
50th Wedding Anniversary

Joe, Lily and I

my sisters, Louise Pepe and Joyce Gateman

Lily and cousin Heidi Faust

Louise and Mike Pepe

Joyce and Rowland Gateman

Joe and I

Joe finishing up the cedar strip canoe

my first batch of dilled pickles

the first Friday of the summer months and a giant car show
downtown Owen Sound

we are in desperate need of rain, the water barrels are empty

a small batch of Grandma Ollie's dilled yellow beans

Lily and I get to baby sit, Jaxson, 2yrs and Hunter 4 months

the baby whisper, Sailor Joe

Joe doing what he likes to do the most, cut down trees, this one was dead at Sue's place

and in turn Sue does some wood turning for Joe

finished product

June 16 - July 16, 2016 new decks, windows and Clarity returning home after 18 winters away

prepping for Lily's new deck

12 x 12 and looking good … the weather was extremely hot and we where working on the
south side of her place

Martin and Kathy Parker, our friends since 1973, at Inverhuron Provincial Park
near Tiverton, Ontario … we have not seen each other for years

Lily needed some bifold doors for her house, I got 9 sets for $5.00, at an auction sale, here we are cleaning them
and painting .. we have used 3 so far in her house …. not a bad buy

Sue Allison is having issues with her internet, here we are blazing a trail thru the bush, about 250 ft for the cable that is laying on the forest floor

even though the cable is enclosed in a water hose the critters still find it
editable, the third time chewed thru in 4 years

Sue and I enjoying some quality time together and a great meal
we have been friends and business partners since 1973

Curry Chicken, Ceaser Salad and scapes

Joe working on restoring a cedar strip canoe for a friend

one of the boats that Joe and I are cleaning, north of Wiarton

a great idea for a mail box

our kitchen window is installed and trimmed out

next year we will build new cabinets and rearrange the kitchen 

our friends Terry and Kim returning on Clarity, from the Bahamas, I think it took them
7 weeks

Joe, Terry and Kim

Lily's deck is finished for this year, next year we will do stage two

a well needed rain storm, it has been 2 months of scorching weather and no rain

Lily is getting 4 new windows in her house, here Gary Shaw is installing one of them

the front picture window being installed

Lily and I helming her dress for a friends wedding

some of my dog sitting dogs, Scottish Deer Hounds
they are very quiet and very big

and they take over the couch … all three of them are show dogs