Friday, 28 July 2017

July 23 - 27, 2017 in our back yard

finally spending time in our own back yard … Joe installing an old rooster weather vane
that I picked up

the view of our back yard from the roof of the yard shed .. it is
still a work in process … we hope to build a roof over our deck this fall
before we head back to the Bahamas

Sue arrived in her Mazda Miata, and took Harriet
for a zoom zoom ride around town … this is one cool
85 year old woman

over looking one of the hills in the Walters Falls area ..  view from my back door

I'm dog sitting Finn, Scottish Deer Hound .. 

view from my front door … and yes once the contractors left the premises, I had
a really nice swim in this warm pool

well that is it for now .. I was so late in posting, and I over looked many of the
jobs and items of interest … August is soon here, so I hope I can
keep up with the blog in a more fashionable manner   

July 22, 2017 Happy 85th Birthday Harriet Parker

the party started at 3pm and it stopped raining at 2:30 pm……

Harriet's brother, Doug was able to attend for a short time .. it was good to 
see him up and walking again

Miss Lily and Mike

Harriet's kids … Joe, Kim, Mary Ann, Pat, Pam and Susan

Harriet's dear friends …. Sylvia, Donna and Fran

grand kids and great grand kids having fun in our back yard
we had lots of snacks and then a BBQ

Harriet, Sylvia and Makai

it was good to see Sheila again, she and Pat looked after my coconut palm
over the winter and they are moving to the Philippines next year

Pat in blue, John and Mary Ann and Michael

Happy Birthday Harriet …. lets do it all over again next year !!!!

July 8 - 21, 2017 Fun in the Sun and friends

Lily and Mike's Fun in the Sun party

little one year old Hunter, dad Brent supervising

Brendon, Jaxson and Hunter getting muddy

then its the water slide to clean off

Lawson arrived

with little brother Beau

Joe and I heading out so they can have their BBQ, a nice day in the country

on one of our jobs we replaced this rod iron with a 8x8 wooden post, the client was just going
to scrap this, so we put it to good use

I now have a flowering vine growing up it

this is the next railing on an existing deck that we built, home of Sharon and Mike, Meaford

it was long over due, dinner for Joe's mom, Harriet (left), Fran

Sylvia and Sue

my Voodoo Lily, note the stock pattern

and it was time to catch up again with Old Rosie, Jane and Ben, and Carm, Kathy and Kathy's
 mom Shirley

and the tomatoes are beginning to ripen

lettuce from Sue's garden, my tomatoes and parmesan cheese

June 10 - July 7, 2017

Dave and Trish treated Joe, Michael and I to a lunch at GYC .. seared tuna, mussels, spagetti and salad

a few days later Joe and I treated our friends Ella and Richard to seared tuna on coconut rice, zucchini spinach and ginger

the Big Duck was in town for Canada Week Celebrations, about 15 boats from GYC
set out for a 9:30 lite parade into the harbour

Project 50 .. Jamie and Martha Nicol

the 6 story high Yellow Rubber Duckie, floating in the Owen Sound Harbour

we went out with Michael on Warpath

a good night on the water, and the weather cooperated

June 4 - 9, 2017 decks, railing and friends

having a BBQ at Sue's country home, with friends from France

Lily, Nat, Mike and Mars enjoying family and friend times

Lily and Mike had a two day garage sale, thank goodness the
weather cooperated

while the garage sale was happening in the front yard, deck building was
happening in the back yard

this addition is 10 ft by 23 ft .. lots of extra outdoor space

I got my coconut palm back from Joe's brother… and it is really growing

one of Joe's shop projects is to replace this transom on a friends dinghy 

it sure took a lot of clamps to laminate the wood

the next weekend we had a deck, decking blitz, thanks to Sue Allison and my sister and brother in law, who came as a surprise to help out … Joyce and Rowland Gateman

Joe and I added a pet to our life, a male Beta fish, he is the colour of the Bahama's waters
so his name is Abaco

another job was this 2nd story railing, it was a bit difficult, because we had to take
all the lumber up by ladder …but  project completed