Sunday, 20 November 2016

October 28 - November 19, 2016 Happy Birthday to me and my daughter Lily Sue Ellen

Mary Lou and Sue, prepping for another dinner

long time friends came for a visit Cindi and Angel … and yes we are eating again

Cindi, Mike and Lily

this year we had about 33 kiddies come Trick n Treating, but lots of
candy left over … hmmmmm

Happy Birthday to Me … Joe took us out to Yummy Yummy…
a fantastic restaurant, we will be returning for sure

for $20 each you order different dishes until you are full

a farewell dinner with Sue, Clasien, Fran and her friend and Mary Lou

Joe, Lily and I and Diesel the cat

this cutie comes for a visit every now and again, he likes my catnip patch

Lily and I did our Christmas deliveries to our neighbours, Amy and Tom

My car is now in storage, time to head south

Christmas in November, at Lily's home …

Megan opening her Xmas gifts from Joe and I

Mike and Lily doing the same

Lily and I

my  Three Musketeers 

and Happy 27th Birthday to my lovely daughter

October 1 - 27, 2016 … Thanksgiving visiting family and friends

some pictures from our Thanksgiving family get together
33 in total from the Watson/Parker family

little Elliot

thanks Maryanne and John for hosting

it sure looks like all we do is eat ….another get together with Sue, Megan, Mike, Lily

and Danielle, Bob and Lawson, Bob now owns our 26 ft Grampian, BLISS

Danielle and Lily have been friends since high school

we love to visit Jody and Val at their farm south of
Wiarton, there is a lot of cedar wood chipping going on the day we visited

we helped Val plant the last of the 4,000 garlic cloves

another nice day at the farm

this year I spent as much time as possible walking with Lily when she does her dog walking 
business .. 'Crittr Sittr"  .. another nice fall day

our latest log book
the first is a photo near Flower Pot Island, Georgian Bay
next St. Lawrence River
Rosters Roust, Nova Scotia
New Plymouth, Abaco, Bahamas
and last one Eleuthra, Bahamas

dinner with good sailing friends, Clarity and Old Rosie

visiting our new neighbours

Natalie and Kevin, have moved back to Ontario and bought a home
right next to our country home … Lily and Nat have grown up together, and it sure is nice to see
them once again

a farewell lunch with my sisters, Joyce  (Rowland) and Louise (Mike)  and niece Sara

Pappa Rowland with grandkids Niall and Lydia

sisters Louise Pepe and Joyce Gateman

September 17-30, 2016 …… Moonlight Maid came for a visit … Banyon and gardening

Alan and Heather (Moonlight Maid sv) came from Halifax 
for a visit, we took them to 2 of our waterfalls in the Owen Sound area
this is Inglis Falls and the other we visited was Indian Falls at Balmy Beach

and we had a great sail on Clarity (Terry and Kim), actually
it was a motor trip, no wind today

a lot of gardening went on this summer, I separated my day Lilies and it didn't
take long for the neighbours to pick them all up

doing some landscaping around the new deck

another Halifax sailing friends where in the area, so we met them in Goderich for 
lunch, Alex and Dave (sv Banyon), they are now back in the water and heading to the Bahamas

the best breakfast ever puffballs and bacon

our new Fur Baby Girl, Mars … Lily's boyfriends dog
she is stays put with an anchor … a cleaver idea Mike

the deck now with the wood chips free from the compost site, 
thanks Richard and Ella for the use of your trailer and all your help

my Coconut Palm sure has grown this summer,
Joe's brother has taken it to Toronto for the winter months