Friday, 27 November 2015

November 21-26, 2015 … Happy 26 Birthday Lily Sue Ellen McTeer …. waiting for less wind

another thunderstorm coming our way .. it delayed us with putting on the bottom coat for a day
Frean Board was from Montreal, the black haul boat

two of the repairs to the keel, it seems to be an annual thing .. some more fibreglass 
and putty

we took off our water line for this year and anti-fouled up another 1 1/2 inches …
for some reason the boats sits kind of low in the water  lol

another Canadian Boat, they are actually from Sudbury

the storage boat yard, there must be over 250 boats there, all shapes, sizes and some not in very good condition
there was great laundry facilities at Glades, but you had to drive close to a mile to get there

it was time to put the car away and here she is all nicely secure, little did we know a few days later we would have it out of lock down … 

Mike Ashmore and Sharon Ramage took us back to Glades in their pontoon boat, the wind was starting to pick up from the east to north east

this is kind of a silly picture, but right next to the work yard was a herd of cattle grazing .. no gate to keep them out of the yard, just one of those in ground open ribs that they call a cattle gate … we understand that sometimes one is spotted amongst the boats

a recommendation for the prop is to install outboard gear lub, it will keep off the barnacles

launch day

everything went as planned, no surprises  .. we got lined around into the east wind that was now blowing 20 knots .. Brian Mundle helped us get her ready  … the motor started, even after all of the work we did removing the fuel line and filter, to get at that one last anoid

about 4 miles down wind back to Turkey Creek

Joe was noticing that the starter battery was not charging, and after a few frustrating hours of testing everything, we found this over sized 30 amp fuse blown 
we had another in stock and now have ordered 5 more threw Amazon

you know your boat is small, when you have to remove everything from one side of the boat to another to do any work … now everything is ship shape

Mike and Joe doing some yard work

another job was for us to take off one of the winches and change the bolts, that attached it to the boat ..

Joe also spent time cleaning and servicing 

the old bolts that where installed 6 years ago .. we now have stainless ones

we have been experiencing winds from the North East and East at about 25 knots for the last week, and they will continue for another 4-5 days … we are heading east and Lake Okeechobee has to be crossed, it is a very shallow lake and with high winds it kicks up the waves .. and they range from 6-9 ft. at 
times … it is a 4 hour crossing for us … so the plan is to move the boat to Clewiston on Sunday and leave Monday morning at daybreak and get across the lake before the winds get at there strongest …

to be continued

Saturday, 21 November 2015

November 15 - 20, 2015 in the boat yard for maintenance

bird identification correction this is a Ibis, not Limpkin

Ibis again, not Limpkin

downtown LaBelle had a Wharf Walk evening, nicely decorated tables

Joe's supper

my Swamp Cabbage Gumbo, it is a certain kind of Palm Tree

live music .. loved the stage .. looks like a sailboat

some of the people we met, Miss Patty is in the green top, she loans bicycles and wagons to cruisers to go into town and buy groceries etc.  … she is for sure a good ambassador for LaBelle

Joe wearing his Life is Better on the Bay t-shirt, bought at Trophies Two in Owen Sound
the lead singer singing to Joe …

the oak trees covered with Spanish Moss …

Bird of Paradise flower

mailbox in Rudder Street, Turkey Creek

there is lots of beautiful palms in Turkey Creek

Modaki has moved about 5 miles up the river to Glades Marina for haul out

waiting our turn … the neighbourhood alligator did his rounds checking out a new boat

the bottom had a thin layer of black

power washing got most of it off

they positioned us close to the office and washrooms, which we like

checking the keel bolts

making sure that they are still tight

next came cleaning and rebuilding the Stuffing Box .. new clamps as the other ones where pretty rusted

changing the anode on the shaft, the old one was only on for 4 months

scraping the companionway boards, Joe now has 2 coats of varnish on them and the handrails on the cabin top

guess who we found on our boat yard, Brian Mundle from our club back home …
…. Brian came by car and us by boat

the next job was to replace the boat anodes .. the 2 lighter coloured ones where in for 4 months,(and they came out easy), and the darker colour one was in for 12 months … it took us 2 days of hard work to get this one out, and $85 dollars of new tools .. the silver coloured one is brand new …

the temperature here is 85 plus F. and humidity is 89-90 F.  so we get lots of small showers,
all day long

Joe calling US Customs to report our travel plans .. this is the third time we have called and
still can't get to talk to a officer

Joe scraping the bottom, getting ready for the anti fouling

a thunderstorm coming this time

I've been working on cleaning and waxing the hull … we now have 2 coats of wax on

Keith and Bella

Bella doing tricks

Bella was not too sure about me

finally ….

Brian and Joe enjoying supper on Modaki

we are launching on Tuesday, November 24