Thursday, 21 April 2016

April 15-20 part two

the work continues .. cleaning all the stainless with Prism

a new seed found on the beach … Sea Coconut Seed, from the Amazon River, South America
and it floated all the way to the Bahamas

Ain't Miss Behaven being lifted out at AYC

everyone loves the paint job under the water line… all the paint is the the proper type 
to ward off algae 

the owner's nickname is Hurricane Helen, she is a single handed sailor and lives in
Nova Scotia


more boat names

Wingspread's owners are from Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Charlie and Chris

Trinity 1, is from Ottawa, Ontario .. Dan and Lucie
we hope to see each of them this summer

laundry hanging out to dry

finally the wind has settled a bit for us to take the sails off,
our fore sail did get damage in the last storm, so we will have to
go to Man of War this winter and have it sewn up



washing all the lines, to remove the salt

April 15-18, 2016

We motored back to Green Turtle Club and anchored.  I headed to the patio of GTC to post the blog, laundry, get fuel and water. 

 We also had to wait for high tide to get into Black Sound and Donny's Marina.  Two other cruisers took our lines, at the dock and the sky started to get dark, a squall came thru, 40 knots pushing Modaki off the dock. We helped others re-tie lines and fender board to those boats pushed on to the dock.  The squall passed but it still blew around 15-20 knots for the next 5 days.
Saturday morning Banyon, Alex and Dave came for a visit.  The last time we saw them was in Halifax Nova Scotia 3 years ago.  They have been living on their boat for 5 years now.  They left Halifax and cruised all the way to Grenada, up to the Caribbean and back to Grenada (hurricane season), 3 times. Now passing thru Bahamas on their way to the USA, for boat work, easier and cheaper there. Next season they will come back to the Bahamas.  We all walked into New Plymouth for some groceries and got soaked with a rain shower on our way back to the boat.

Sunday we worked on the boat taking it apart.  Our schedule is work in high tide and walk the beaches on low tide.
This time we walked with Calista, Annick and Giles from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  Three sailing seasons ago we sailed right past their home in D'Escousse.  I wish we would of known them at that time.

On one of our low tide walks we dinghy to Abaco Yacht Services, ABS to check in with them and to see how other cruisers have put their boat away.
There we met Ain't Miss Behaving, Helen (Hurricane Helen, as some people call her).  See the pictures on her bottom paint. Helen is a single handler.  The other woman single handler is Crazy Lady, that we have met this season.
More boat work is done every day, and finally the winds lightened a bit so we could take the sails down and packed away.

Our food supply is dwindling, Joe's cereal is all gone, now he eats Mac and Cheese for breakfast.  I saved a pork roast for this time and I pressure cooked it last night, with mashed potatoes and 3 bean salad.  There is left overs for a few nights now.   Soon I will shut off the fridge, so I can make sure it is completely clean and dry, and we will buy block ice then.

more to come as we get closer to haul out, April 25 at 7:30 am

April 15-20, 2016 Annick and Giles and conch fritters part one

dinghy is full .. computer bag, water jug, fuel jug, 3 bags of garbage, anchor and Joe

these planes flew in for lunch

now manoeuvring thru the anchored boats

they just got out the opening and took off 

Modaki's new home for the summer and fall

free sugar bananas for the cruisers

we are at Donny's Marina for 9 days to get the boat ready for haul out
.75 cents a foot/day … water is free

some boat names

Duggy our neighbour

laughing gull

we put the sails out in the light rain to wash the salt off

Banyon came for a visit, Dave and Alex

it looks like someone broke out of jail

trumpet bush

we all got soaked on our walk back to the boat

we hope to see Banyon again next year

Joe is removing all the fittings and cleaning and greasing them

I'm still wiping everything down with vinegar in side the boat
even the utensils 

our latest coconut, nice and meaty … I fry it in curry powder

Celista, Annick and Duggy

Celista, Giles

this guy is feeding the gulls, they sure make a mess all over his boat

directions to the ocean beach

the roots to Red Mangrove .. they look like bean pods

Gillens Beach, there is support to be a lot of sand dollars here, but we only found pieces

what a fantastic low tide day
and time with Gile and Annick

Celista found a conch .. preparing it now

removing the tough  skin

slimy hands

this part is saved for fishing bait

pounding the conch to tenderize it

Annick made Conch Fritters, so good