Tuesday, 28 August 2012

More from the Skipper .....

After anchoring in 40 ft of water, which allowed for tide and the steep under water slope (yes, Clarke, we did use all 150 ft of chain plus 50 ft of rode).
We left Tadoussac in clear weather.  In the early morning a Minke whale swam around the anchored boats, a beautiful ambiance for morning coffee in the cockpit.  On the way out of Tadoussac we where blessed with an hour of wonderful whale and seal watching.  Belugas right up to the boat and a feeding frenzy of Minke whales and seals.  It was amazing to be so close that you could smell their breath. 
The day was soon to take a turn.  Dense fog set in for eight hours.  All we really saw was the chart plotter and radar.  Our intention was to stop a Ile de Bic for a night at anchor and what is supposted  to be spectacular mountains.  They never did come into sight.  Instead we travelled straight thru to Rimouski, with the fog lifting slightly as we approached the harbour.
Rimouski was a chance to visit with new friends and provision for the next leg of the journey. We where treated royally ... visits, meals, being driven all over to do errands and provided with much needed advice for the coming days.
After 4 days of dense fog, caused by strong NE winds, it cleared about 10 in the morning and all of a sudden it was time to get going.
Our trip along the north shore of Gaspesie was in light winds, allowing for cruising close to the shore and a chance to see the beautiful landscape ... steep cliffs, waterfalls and many small villages spread along the water, everyone with a church visable for miles.
Along the way we stopped at Matane, Ste-Anne-des Monts, Sainte-Madeleine de la Riviere,
Riviere au Renard and Gaspe.
Matane was different.  We anchored in the middle of a commercial ship yard, as recommended by Martin (friend from Rimouski), who is the Captain of the large ferry coming in and out of this port.  As we sat in the cockpit we watched workers grinding rust off the hull of a freighter in preparation for painting, the ferry coming and going and the fish processing plant.
I was a bit concerned about all the large vessels moving about, so deployed 2 anchor lights.

to be continued .........

Aug 26 and 27 on to Chandler, Quebec

We woke to calm seas
a few clouds and wind was to be light, so we decided to leave at 9am
well this was the trip ... no pictures taken today  .... we had to go about 2.5  miles out to sea to pass the Cap d Espoir and its 8 ft of water depth ... we where sure when we headed south again that the wind and waves would settle ... they didn't, they got even worst ... and of course right on the nose ... our 20 miles was the worst we have had all this trip ... Today was the day we should of not sailed in the direction we where going
we arrived at Chandler at low tide ... note boat ramp
Modaki at visitor dock, with the Dupuis Island and reef, and a ship wreck in back ground
the old pulp mill in back ground
the marina lent shopping carts to take and get groceries with.  We just needed fruits, veggies and milk
the skipper, cleaning off salt on the boat
there was no water at visitor dock, and our hose would not reach to the taps, so Joe used our bucket to clean the boat
the winds picked up again today, so we are happy that we are not planning to travel
the harbour master Annie, heading out for a sail
the rocks on this beach are mostly flat
I now have Joe interested is rock collecting .. ha ha
taking a break ...
lots of blue shells
Annie the harbour master, dropped by for drinks after work
Phillip, on Marie Elise, stopped in with some information on our crossing the Bay of Chaleur to New Brunswick

L'Anse a Beautils - 2nd night at the commercial wall

always busy cooking  ....
you never know what you will see next ... guy with a lawn mower engine  sky sailing
4 boats arriving form Chandler, for the night to listen to music at the bar
these guys where good .. they are the owners of the restaurant
having morning coffee down by the beach
ile Bonaventure in the back ground
most of the rocks on this beach where tumbled round ... lots of rock collecting goes on here
this small fishing village is well maintained and nautical theme every where
the harbour master was very helpful and a great guy to talk with
Pit Caribou .. Joe looked just like the guy on the label .. the workers came out from the back and took his picture too
Beaufils fish plant was converted into a cultural center/playhouse and a restaurant and bar .. the upstairs art gallery represented about 30 Quebec artists ..
some wooden necklaces
lobster traps stored out of season
the newer traps
some of the beach rocks
I wished that my container was bigger
skipper going over the charts for next days travels
my collection
skippers collection
good night ... at high tide ... Modaki  just about level with the wall

Saturday, 25 August 2012

part two

we are on the north wall, with the fishing boats and tour boats
haha, my boat vase and flower travelling safely in the closed cupboard while at sea
we had to compensate for the 3.5 ft tides here, so the skipper, tied it so if we miscalculated the length of line, we could easily give it more in the middle of the night, when we where at low tide
we had our own fender board.. but the marina supplied one for us to keep off the wall
they make there own beer here
the place was beautifully landscaped, and well maintained
a great look out, the harbour master told us that during one storm, he has a picture of waves coming thru the gazebo
the foot bridge to get across the river, from where our  boat is docked