Sunday, 24 June 2012

... and still more preparations

Joe and his son Scott enjoying a supper together before our departure.

We didn't have to buy any canned goods for this trip, since I was moving out of my place and Joe's son would not use some of his canned goods, we got to stock 3 lockers full to the brim .... hummm I wonder what's for lunch !

Well all cans stored neatly below ... you would never know they where there !

This year we dedicated a whole drawer to spices ... this is going
 to be a real treat

Joe sorting out the stainless parts and hardware that we will be taking with us.

Joe's cabinet work for the stainless and spare small parts ...
beautiful cherry wood, it is completed now and installed ...
a picture to follow

What a great sight to see ... driving in my lane way to put my car away for 4 months,
she just stood there wondering what was going on ... Joe came to pick me up  a few minutes later and she was still there ..... a good omen for sure

Lily and Ryan came for a sail and supper ... unfortunately we could only give them supper ... the fuel
 pump broke earlier in the day and we where
waiting for a new one to arrive.

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