Monday, 27 July 2015

July 1 - 15, 2015 a visit from Snow Bird and Lydia Olive is born

Dave and Janine (Snowbird) came for a visit and picked up their solar panel that we brought back for them from Florida, we all went and visited Terry and Kim (Clarity) at their home on Colpoys Bay near Wiarton, Ontario

while Snow Bird was with us we visited Keady Farmers Market and Livestock Market, toured the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Harrison Park and enjoyed many good meals

Jamie and Martha Nicol, took us out for a cruise of the Owen Sound Harbour in their power boat
Project 50

it was a great day, we all sat on the top deck enjoying the sun and warmth, we motored up to Commodore and saw Hay/ Griffith and White Cloud Islands

another home project under way, the west side of Joe's work shop needed to be scrapped and repainted
the last paint we got only lasted for 2 years before it started to peel and fall off
Joe's work truck, from Lands and Forests  has now been returned, as his 2 1/2 month job is finished for this year .. and it looks like next year he will be hired back on again

our back yard … it has been a pleasure to be able to do a laundry when ever and hang it
on the line to dry … not an easy task on the boat, especially when living in salt water

Joe and I headed out to our own beaches in Owen Sound for some sea glass collecting

our best finds today … a glass bottle stopper, pink glass, nice rare colour of blue, mottled glass and the leg and foot off a porcelain doll, we think

Joe hand cleaning part of a jewellers work bench

it is all apart at the moment but will post pictures when he has it all completed

making lime pickle

our friends from Africa taught us the recipe .. making some to take with us on the boat
the limes on the left are about one month old, they get better with age

we got a chance to look after Wyatt when his mom and boyfriend went to the movies, Lily came for a
visit also

when Wyatt was about 2 yrs old, I started collecting coins for him to put in his treasure box, which he keeps at our house .. here he is showing Joe the new coins from this past years sailing trip, Bahamian coins and Cape Canaveral (space ship) coins   … 

this month Lydia Olive was born

her big brother Niall

to my niece Sara Gateman and partner Derek Cresby


oh yes Lily, my daughter has bought her self a house, the rents on Owen Sound are so high,
that having a mortgage was just about the same cost … pictures of the house in a few weeks, once she get ownership … the house comes with all of the appliances, but the existing stove is in such bad shape that she would have to buy a new one any way .. Joe was at our local auction house and got this just about brand new, clean and self cleaning stove for $45 dollars … a house warming gift to her

we have it all packed up and taking it to Sue's place for a few weeks

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