Monday, 26 October 2015

October 2 - 15, 2015 .. renovations, family time

on one of our 3 trips to Kincardine in one week … for dental work .. we come across a whole series of windmills being installed .. the fog was so thick it was hard to see the top of the towers

we must have thousands and thousands of windmills on the Lake Huron shore , and inland

my mom and dad's grave stone .. I miss them so much .. they would of been so excited to see what adventures Joe and I are having  … next spring I'll be cleaning off the moss that is working its way in to the stone work

we made a new log book , last years was Nova Scotia, this years is New Plymouth, Abaco, Bahamas .. we log every move of the boat, with miles, fuel, temp of water and land, wind, sail up , sails down … conditions of the seas ..  too much , maybe but we both love to look back and see what we have endurer .. 

the food supply is growing and the Canadian Dollar is decreasing … I just hope my Toyota can carry it all

preserves as gift for family and for on the boat

finishing up the Bognor home, and the staining of the outdoor trim on the picture windows

Joe doing the high ladder work

Once Upon A Time, there was a fire place here, Joe inlayed a flooring pattern to cover the hole

we understand that some trees have been removed to see the pond better, and the pond has also been reshaped  .. hopefully we can come back next year and see it all .. good job Joe … thanks  Dave and Trish 

we had another visit with the Wolverine , aka Carter

Thanksgiving dinner with some of the family 

part of Joe's family
Patrick Watson, Susan Watson, Pam Warmington, Kim Teeter, Harriet Parker (mom), Joe Watson and Mary Anne Dahmer

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