Thursday, 16 June 2016

April 29 - May 31, 2016 removing and installing windows .. removing an old deck and family time

Joe preparing the space for the new window to look out into the back yard

just another messy home renovation ..

our back yard visitor .. I wondered why my parsley was chewed off

its nice to be back in the land of fresh grilled veggies

sprouting mung beans … sailboat style

the Owen Sound Harbour .. one of the largest freighters we have had visit

Joe helping Sue cut down a few trees … now lets hope the solar panels work better to
heat the swimming pool

and yes that is snow in the middle of May … looking out our patio door

our next project is replacing the deck at the back of Lily (daughters) home

Lily, outstanding in her field ..

just about dismantled

we are enjoying another fresh veggie dinner

with good friends Fran and Clasien

some spring flowers

back at Joe's place, making a cement window sill

we removed the tiny back deck, in preparations for a new one

removing the old side window

cutting in the new back yard window

it looks good .. Joe's cement sill in place

bricking in the side window

back at Lily's place we dug a trench for the weeping tiles

installed the 3 footings for her new deck

Joe's mom, Hariett and partner Syl, came for dinner

painting some furniture for Lily's deck … she is a pink gal

repairing the next chair to be painted

well this has been a busy month for us ….Joe heading out west to see his son in a few days 
pictures to follow

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