Saturday, 21 February 2015

February 13 - 18, 2015

boat names

the snowflake creature … need a name for it ???

fried plantain. one of our favourite now

Mistress, Brad and Maureen … Snow Bird, Dave and Janine and Joe crossing to Man of War
for the flea market

Barefoot Dave on the left and Moe

I would love to have one of these to take home, they come in all colours and about 1 1/2 ft in diameter

Barefoot Dave on his boat at dock in Man of War

February 13 - 18, 2015

for sale  - 2 - 250 hp used outboards $40,000.00 US

4.5 acres private island with 2 bedroom residence, 2 beaches and guest house
$5,995,000.00 US

(the above just for interest)

today was a clean up the boat day … I did a boat laundry, using all fresh water…. it costs us 30 cents per gallon, so I washed the bedding and hung out the duvet to air in the wind and sunshine.

We went for a dinghy ride into some rivers in the area and saw things that look like white snow flakes on the bottom …  we need to have Ella and Richard, divers, inform us on what they are.

Saturday, Valentine's Day we got up early and hopped on Froggies Boat, and at $20/each for a 20 minute ride to Man of War and the annual flea market.

We once again met up with Barefoot Dave and Moe, playing some heel stomping music. The last time we saw them was on Jerry's, Cloud Chaser, back in Fort Pierce.
The flea market was full of clothing, books, cd's, recycled goodies, some marine supplies.  There was lots of authentic food, Joe got some Souce and Jonny Cakes, then later Bahamain Mac and Cheese.

Joe called his mom today, it sounds like Owen Sound is getting the snow and cold, once again this winter.

Sunday, we got up early and off the mooring ball and made out way out of this tricky and shallow entrance, at mid tide.  We had a bit of a lumpy ride heading NW into the wind for 3/4 hour, then we turned west, and got to put out a reefed foresail. We picked up speed and quickly made our way to Marsh Harbour for the night.
We quickly headed to shore and rushed to Maxwells, the grocery store, then our banks for cash. The exchange rate is brutal now to get $500 cash out we paid an extra $165.00 plus $10 bank fees.

After a 2 hour nap, we headed for sundowners on Sanderling, with Alderaan and Snow Bird. Lots of laughs again with our friends.

Joe and I have been thinking of sailing down to the Eleuthera's soon, it is more remote and a bit warmer….so you just never know.

Monday, we needed some water, so we dinghy to Mango Marina and Ray, the manager gave us the water free, he knows we will be back. We also got a coconut from the tree trimming that was done the day before.  About 20 green coconuts where on the ground with the ends cut off and drained of their water.  We want ours for the meat.

By 10am we hauled the anchor and headed to Treasure Cay, with the full main and foresail and fishing line out the back . It was a bit slow going with shifty winds, but most of the way was wing on wing. Three and half hours later we arrived and was greeted by Terry on Clarity.

We headed to town and paid for our anchoring and had a shower, then off to buy a machete for our future coconut harvesting. By 4:30 Snow Bird arrived, it was a great evening, we enjoyed sitting out until about 9pm, listening to the I-POD.

Tuesday, after breakfast and before the winds piped up again we dinghy to the opening of the channel and got our 2 jerry cans filled of diesel, a good price $4.75 gal.
A French Canadian 40 footer boat , that was in front of us, dragged anchor, and quickly drifted between Modaki and Snow Bird. Terry on Clarity headed to town to find the captain. Everything worked out well, with the captain now on board , and the boat got moved to a mooring ball.

Wednesday 18th

The winds picked up in the night and by 5 am we received lots of rain, for about 2 hours.  Joe and I collected enough fresh water to do a laundry and clean the boat's floor and head.  I made a butternut squash soup, then we tackled the bins of food on board.  We successfully now have things once again organized, of the 5 bins of canned goods, in January we are now down to only 3 bins. This should be enough for the next two months.

It is cool today with the north wind, and no sun … About 68 F or 20 C

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