Sunday, 1 February 2015

January 30-31, 2015 to Treasure Cay, Sea of Abaco

Don't Rock, in the middle of Sea of Abaco

my fish, that I caught and returned to the sea

Friday, January 30 - 31, 2015

The wind settled down over night and it was hard to sleep because it was so quiet in the anchorage.  A lot of boats left around 7:30 am, including Sanderling and Alderaan, they are headed to Marsh Harbour.

Snow Bird and Modaki left at 9am, and we radioed Sanderling , they just passed thru the Whale Cay Passage, and said the seas were running 4 - 5 ft swells, rolley, but doable.  We have been waiting for 5 days to let the lows pass and make this passage. The guide books say in heavy weather, it would be suicidal to attempts to brave the conditions, known locally as a "RAGE". It is the "shelf effect" of heavy weather that can close down Whale Cay Passage.  These 'RAGES" are powerful, turbulent and lethal seas and under no circumstances should you even think of poking your nose out to check what it might be like out there.

So today was the day and we rolled and bucked going out into the Atlantic Ocean and around Whale Cay, we where in the turbulence about 1/2 hour, in water depth of 12 ft. All I could think about was the fuel tank, turning up what ever is in it. Snow Bird stayed close by to come to our rescue if need be.

Once thru Loggerhead Bars and into Sea of Abaco everything calmed down and once again in 10 - 12 ft of crystal clear water all the way to Treasure Cay, on the Island of Great Abaco.

We passed "Don't Rock"  see picture, I decided to check out my fishing line that we where dragging behind us.  I caught a fish and released, we are not too sure what it is, (can anyone help with ID), maybe a Jack fish ???

The entrance to "Treasure Cay " is hard to find but SnowBird has been here before and lead the way into the narrow entrance of 7 ft. We both anchored at $10/night, we get showers, use of pool and wifi.  We needed to fill up our 5 gal water jug and didn't ask first the price.  It was $1.00 / gal, not 27 cents like Green Turtle Cay. Ouch !!!

Terry on Clarity dropped by and introduced himself, he joined our yacht club, Georgian Yacht Club, in Owen Sound about 3 years ago, when Joe and I started this adventure and we had never met.  We hope to get together soon.

Dave, Janine and Modaki went for a great walk on this lovely beach, it is so long it has 5 different names, some are Banyan Beach, Buckingham Beach, Sandpiper Beach, the sand is so fine it felt like talcum powder.  There is no shells or sea glass or sea beans.

Joe and I are suffering from a cold that won't happen, so we can get it over with. It has been dragging us both down and zapping our energy.  Even the long walks on the beach, smelling the salty ocean air is not helping. I guess we need some heat and sun. The highs are 68 F and lows 62 F.  

We are watching the weather again, there is some unsettled weather heading our way … 

We are also so saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Sam James, a fellow member of our yacht club, our thoughts and prayers go out to Theresa and family.

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