Monday, 16 March 2015

March 14-15, 2015 Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay, man made harbour

from Nova Scotia, Canada

not too sure if this is Bird of Paradise flower

my new ATV … ha ha

immature coconut vase

First Chapter dinghy for

mother ship,, Next Chapter

Charlie and Chris, from Wingspread, he is a good friend of the original owner/builder of Modaki
Bruce and Betty Mitchell

heading out on a dinghy ride up a river

mangroves on both sides

it winds for about one mile, shallow in some spots and probably 12 ft in others …

this shows the water colours and shallows … green shallow, 3 ft at low tide

Joe trying to make me a coconut vase

and this one for the meat and water

the end of a great day

March 14-15, 2015
to Treasure Cay

The winds over night where 10-15 knots, more out of the south than SE, which made the anchorage a bit lumpy. Boats started leaving around 8am, at 9:30 we hauled anchor and motored by Ta Amor and Walkabout to say good bye.  After 1/2 hour of pounding into south winds and waves coming over the bow and rolling down the decks, and only managing 4 knots, and wasting diesel. We turned around, put out the foresail, motor off, quiet again, and headed north to Treasure Cay.  We are learning to go to where the wind blows, not where we want to go. Today was an art show with local artists, and a lady we met at Annapolis Royal, N.S. last August, Marlee, sea glass jeweller. The show was on Elbow Cay at the Abaco Inn.  Next year we will make sure we attend.

We always like getting to an anchorage around noon, because the boaters that are leaving for the next harbour have already left, and most boats don't arrive until about 3pm or later. So we got to Treasure Cay just before 1pm, Paperbird was here and it was great to catch up on whats happening here … NO WIFI has been out for a few days on this end of the island. Lucky for us it was restored the next day.
Another boat FELIX the cat,was also at anchor,their big powerful dinghy was
 our transportation a few weeks ago, when Modaki's push button ignition, caused the starter to fry. We didn't have a chance to thank Dave and Chris properly for their assistance at that time. We found out that the skipper likes dark rum, so a quick trip to the store and problem solved.
We took the dinghy up a river that was close by, you have to do this at high tide, mangroves line the sides, we did see sea turtles, and a prehistoric fish.
When we got back to the boat, Clarity was anchored right behind us, Terry and Kim, had guests on board and we had a short visit with them.
We had mahi mahi for supper, with wild rice.  quiet night in the anchorage.

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