Wednesday, 25 March 2015

March 18 - 21, 2015 Blog issues

March 21, the first full day of spring in the Bahamas, the flowers are in bloom

Mike, Mary Ellen from Persuasion … walking thru the stone cut … we are planning on crossing back to Florida with them

Happy hour on Persuasion, Tutti, me and Mary Ellen

a new anchorage on Lunyard Cay

its amazing what is washed up on shore, someone making art from it

lots of Curley Tails

the lighter colours is the shallows

Modaki is the middle boat, we dropped the anchor in the shallow, sand area, and backed down into the deeper area

we found some nice white sand dollars on this beach

the forest fire that is mentioned in the blog

Mistress's crew getting ready to snorkel on Mermaid Reef
we are hoping to cross back to Florida with them also

Persuasion and Modaki back to the reef

these are some of the fish we saw

Parrot Fish

Joe feeding them the oatmeal mixture

grey Angel Fish

March 18-20, 2015
MARSH HARBOUR and blog problems

First thing was to do the laundry, and it needed to be done.
Then picked up a few groceries.
We took the dinghy to Mango's to buy water and use the internet, to see what the blog problem was.  The blog and our gmail account for the blog both vanished into cyber space.  We managed to change our password for the gmail account, and got that back…and there was a message saying 
We violated googles terms and conditions and because of this SCAM, they removed our blog.  No warning just shut you down.

Thanks to friends back home, Martha Nicol, has a friend Greg Davis at Annex Graphics, he sent a request to have our blog reviewed.  And Sue Allison's friend Miranda Miller sent the same request on our behalf. We would of sent a request too but we could not find an email address any where.
A few days later we received an email from a no reply address, from The Blogger Team saying ….
the blog was mistakenly marked as a TOS violator by our automated system, and we have reinstated your blog …

So here we are again up and running …..

One afternoon we went with Persuasion (Mike and Mary Ellen), to Mermaid Reef and snorkelled. This time we took liquid oatmeal and canned corn. We made sure the camera was on and we got a few good underwater pictures.

We also walked with Persuasion thru the rock cut to Boat Harbour to look for some Snake Skin Shells and conch.  We sure picked a hot day for this hike.

Happy hour was on Persuasion and Keltic Kat joined in too.  It turns out Pat (K.K.)
knew Mary Ellen's uncle, they both flew airplanes out the the same airstrip.

March 21, 2015

Modaki hauled anchor and said our good byes and motored all the way to Lynyard Cay, about 4 hours, south.

We walked the beach at low tide and found some sand dollars.

The forest fire is still burning, at least a week now. Tonight the wind is blowing the smoke away from us. We understand the fires are deliberately set to flush out the wild boers on the island.  The fire department here only fights house fires.

We met a single handed sailor, Don and his dog,PuBu on HERMES, a Pearson 33
his home port is on Lake Ontario, New York side
Don has been sailing for quite some time and knows the Bahamas well.  We hope to meet up again.

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