Saturday, 4 April 2015

March 29 - 30, 2015 Marsh Harbour to Great Guana Cay

our Nova Scotia friend, Tina Campbell … at sunset and conch blowing

Joe working at cleaning the dinghy of black salt stains

Windspread leaving Mango's Marina, Chris and Charlie, home town Victoria Harbour, Georgian Bay

Ray, Mango Manager, he makes us all feel so welcomed … there is a lot of Canadians that use this marina as a home base

George and Cindy, on Capper Penny, from Midland, Georgian Bay

at anchor off Great Guana Cay

a beachcombing scuba diver 

getting ready to do some beach combing of our own, Joe found me a sea biscuit today

this netting was not here a month ago, when we walked this beach, I sure would not want to have this wrapped around my keel

we are getting browner by the day

it is spring here, and the flowers are beautiful

cactus blooming

on the north part of Great Guana Cay is Baker's Bay and the vacation homes of the rich and famous,
this Cat transports them from Marsh Harbour, AIRPORT, to Baker's Bay … our friend Tina, saw Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and their children a few weeks ago

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