Saturday, 4 April 2015

part two up until April 2, 2015

at anchor Manjack Cay

a great swing set for kids

this little guy caught a star fish, we encouraged him to return it the water

nicely painted signs on palm frond directing us to the ocean beach

Staghorn Fern

Joe, Mike and Mary Ellen, I wonder who they are letting pass on the trail … no one lol

finally after 25 minutes me made it

we sure got our exercise this day

the roaming chickens that love coconuts … I wonder what there eggs taste like ?

Joe harvesting another coconut for us

March 29, 2015

Just before we left Mango Marina, I saw a 10 ft Manatee, near the dock, they are not noted for being in this area
I got news that my Aunt Arlene McTeer, passed away.  I remember may holidays spent on the farm, just 3 miles north of Paisley, milking the cows to feed the barn cats, pestering the pigs, making forts in the hay loft, and walking to the bush with my dad, Alvin and Uncle Harvey, to collect mushrooms and puffballs. Sorry we could not attend the funeral and visitation, thinking of my cousins, Cathy, Colleen and Gord and their families.

a song my Aunt Arlene loved to sing to us as kids :
There's a hole in my bucket, dear Lizza, dear Lizza, there's a hole …..

March 30, 2015

We anchored at Fisher Bay, and walked the beach, Joe found me a purse sea bean, then back to the boat and snorkelled, the sun was not shining so the underwater pictures did not work.  Joe did more work on cleaning Modaki's bottom.

March 31, 2015

We crossed the Whale, there was no RAGE today, it was so gentle.  Everyone was waiting on this day, we had about 15 boats ahead of us and at least the same behind us, in our 1 1/2 hour crossing. There was many more boats before and after that also.  Persuasion was about 1/2 hour ahead of us, and we both anchored inside White Sound, Green Turtle Cay.  Soon we headed out to explore the ocean beach and picked up some shells for kids and grandkids back home.
Later Joe and I saw a pair of Bahamian Parrots flying past the boat, of course no camera was handy.  The rest of the evening was spent in the cockpit listening to a live band performance at the Bluff House.

April 1, 2015

Hauled anchor near 9am, and went south to No Name Cay and anchored out, close by is Gullian Bay, known for its sand dollars, we found a few, some where a bit fragile and got broken on the way back to the boat.  I decided to snorkel this area to see if the underwater view was easier to spot our souvenirs .  Not really, but the water was only a few feet deep and it was good to practice on the breathing part.
Joe didn't do too well either on the sea glass part, but we found lots of treasures for Mike and Mary Ellen's grand kids.

Then we dinghied off to No Name Cay and a sandy beach with old coral heads and conch shells  washed to shore.  The ocean side was just about impossible to walk on, some people call the rock, Moon Rock or Iron Rock.  Very sharp, full of holes from storms and waves, pounding the shore.

It was just about lunch time and we decided to check out another beach close to the boats.  Beaching the dinghies and anchor dug into the sand, we started our walk to explore.  

So who needs to go to the Exumas to see pigs on the beach, when they are on No Name Cay, Abaco.  First it was one baby pig, then 2 baby pigs, then mama pig, and second mama pig, then daddy pig.  We backtracked so fast to the dinghies .. see pictures. ( At that time we thought they where wild Boers).  Well that ended our day on No Name Cay.

Back to White Sound we motored, and both anchored near Green Turtle Club.  There was to be music tonight, from 9pm to midnight, way past cruisers bedtime .  It was great music from the V-Birth.

April 2, 2015

We hitched a ride to New Plymouth with Mike and Mary Ellen in the dinghy.  (15 HP under a 10 HP lid, a Canadian thing) … thanks Mike for getting us dinghy butt wet, and we saw a bull shark, passing by.

We had a last look around this beautiful town and headed back to our boats, leaving White Sound , Joe and I saw a spotted ray.

We also saw a rock ledge at the entrance to the harbour, Persuasion and us thought it was sand all the way in there. We have to remember this for next year.

Motored on flat seas to Manjack Cay.  About 12 boats in an area that could hold over 100.  Winds are to be east at 5 -10.

Off to shore and explore again, we asked another boater about the ocean beach, and it was about a 25 min. fast hike.  On the trail Joe and I got scolded by a lady, that said we had inappropriate foot ware, that we could trip ….. She was probably right, but I'm happy to say we made it there and back with out falling.

Mary Ellen and I collected some sea biscuits and shells, Joe, no sea glass, and Mike, well he put us with us and our collections … hee hee

Today we saw chickens that love to eat coconut … not an every day occurrence 

Yesterday I was feeling rough, I went a large part of the day without sunglasses and I got a bad headache, and spent most of the night lying down and 1/2 asleep.
Joe on the other hand is in this cycle of migraines, that he has med's for and it keeps him up for 1/2 the night, fighting it off.
So even though we are in paradise ….. this will pass ...

April 3, 2015

We dinghied between Manjack Cay and Crab Cay at high tide, it is impossible at low tide.  We did some more beach combing, and met a young man (30 ish) and he was on the island to bury the ashes of his wife that died a few months ago of a brain tumour. This was one of their favourite places.  So sad …

There was another beach that looked promising for sea glass, but if we wanted to get back thru the cut, we had to go now. So this beach will be saved for next year. The tide was falling and for part of the cut we had to paddle. Another couple behind us, had a scarf out as a sail to get back.

Joe snorkelled and cleaned more of Modaki's bottom, and I scrubbed her stern of black soot.

We BBQ a filet of grouper on Persuasion, with side dishes of potato salad, beets, zucchini and fruit for desert.  So it was our Good Friday meal (fish).

Tomorrow we head back to Green Turtle Cay to top up with diesel and water, do a load of laundry and I'll post the blog.
We will then be heading to the Out-Out Islands and hoping to get a weather window to cross, to Florida next Thursday the 9th.
There won't be any wifi and not too sure if there is towers in the area for 3G or 4G.

Our personal email addresses is:
Joe ………
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just in case you want to send us a message

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