Saturday, 14 November 2015

November 11-14, 2015 … more lessons to learn

a Limpkin strutting his stroll on Mikes lawn

I was working on the deck and I got a shiver ..., in 90 degree F. temp  .. I looked beside me and the resident crocodile was making his rounds .

Joe made us this cockpit table, maple and cherry wood .. thanks Jody for the stainless parts to mount it

our Canadian flag is up and now the U.S. flag .. I guess we are just about legal to transit 

the Limpkin on Mikes boat …

our shade cloths that I made at home …  they just about look professional 

okay the house battery issue .. we already two days ago replaced our 6 year old starter battery  .. the house batteries, which are only one year old, where not holding a charge  … here we are installing 4 new house batteries .. what happened was that over the summer with the solar charging the batteries, it over charged them and the fluid evaporated out of the batteries .. with no one to check them for 6 months it fried our new batteries .. another lesson learnt 

we are staying on a canal called Schooner Lane

Moses in the Bulrushes flowers around a tree .. these are house plants back home

my birthday gift from Joe .. hand carved Pelican, made from Florida swamp Cyprus 

we attended a pot luck at Turkey Creek Yacht Club, guest of Mike and Sharon

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  1. Happy Birthday Yvonne. The pictures are great. the more the better.