Saturday, 7 November 2015

November 1-6, 2015 returning to MODAKI

Walkabout, took us on a tour of Washington D.C. , this is the back of the White House

Washington (pencil) Monument

State House, under construction

helicopters landing at at the Pentagon

Randy and Joe

one of the two meals we made from the Blue Apron, a mail order meal in a box

Carmen and I prepping the meal

Walkabout, Carmen, Randy and Coco … their new boat has some major issues and they will not be returning to the  Bahamas, the winter

next stop was at Fort Pierce, Florida to see Other Goose, Rick and Susan Schultz, from Owen Sound

we arrived at about 4pm to Modaki .. lots of mold inside

and enough outside too

the black is the soot from the burning of sugar cane 

some of the lines had to have a lot of soaking and cleaning

some of the small lines disintegrated from the sun

a bar of soap partly eaten, we have not found the nibbler yet … lots of Gecho's on the boat

the damp rid we installed, where completely full and probably should of been replaced every month
we worked from 8 - 1:30pm cleaning inside and out, most of the mold is gone now
oh yeah it is extremely hot and humid these days, 30 F, with humidity 35 F

this is last years picture of Ed and Nancy from Ithaca, New York, we stopped in to see them and spend a night .. and we hope to stop in to see them next spring

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