Tuesday, 19 January 2016

January 12-13, 2016 part two … Abaacos to Eleuthras

we headed down to Little Harbour motor sailing and continued out the cut to the Ocean
and another hour down to Cherokee Point …  this is the ruins of the old lighthouse at Little Harbour, last year we explored this when we stayed a few nights in Little Harbour

the entrance was a bit scary with breakers on both sides and the ocean
swell coming around the point  .. doing this hop saved us about 2 - 2 1/2 hours for the next day
journey to the Eleutheras

Cherokee Point

once we got into 9 ft , it settled and only the ocean swell kept us rocking

we took the dinghy further into the shallows and walked a small beach, this is a pier
jutting out in the water for a larger boat to arrive at … it has to be a very shallow draft boat to get in here

it was a deserted beach … lots of huge homes on the water's edge, but no one was around
another pier in the back ground

conch shell and lobster tail

this was the next beach, closer to the boat we wanted to explore …
we are never doing that again with this type of ocean swell, we got washed right onto
the beach … and had one heck of a time getting off the beach.  I got completely soaked and Joe had to haul me aboard about 6 feet from shore in water over my head .. all this before the next swell that
would wash dinghy and us ashore again

there was some caves that are worth exploring on a calmer day

water washing over the rocky shore 
it is good holding here, but the serge was roll all night

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