Tuesday, 12 January 2016

January 4-7, 2016 Mangos Marina and JIB Room

this is a private boat, we where amazed at the number of toys they used when at anchor, 4 runabouts

we had a get together with Snowbird and Moonlight made to arrange plans for the crossing rom Abacos to Eleutheras and Exumas ….

Breadfruit tree at Mangos Marina

We decided to take a dock space at Mango's, the same place we stayed when we had fuel tank and starter issues last year.  The wind was to be 35 knots and squally for a few days.  Joe changed the oil and I got my SIM card for the IPAD, got some extra cash for the out islands, and went to the two grocery stores for some fresh veggies.

On Tuesday we took our old alternator to get checked out again, to use for a back up, did more banking, because we can only get $400 out at one time per day, we walked all the way to another marina on the other side of the island to buy adhesive for the patch work on the dinghy (they didn't have any), we avoided most of the rain showers.  Snowbird decided to get a dock also, so they could do shore jobs when the front hits.

Wednesday was a complete wash out, it rained heavy all day long, about 2 inches came down.  Joe is bailing the dingy the next day.  Joe got his foul weather gear on and walked to pick up the alternator, for $20 the mechanic could not find any problem with it.  Everyone stayed on their boats all day, with windows and hatches closed.  Our boat is getting humid and mold is appearing on the ceiling and walls.  A few days later we got the white vinegar out and washed every thing down. We continued to collect rain water for our tanks.  I did two loads of laundry and then on Thursday I just washed another load and when we moved out to anchor, everything got hung on the life lines.

We escaped what was happening in George Town.  Other Goose, Susan and Rick Schultz said that
they where watching the clouds form and they put out another anchor and more chain.  At 7:30 - 10:30
a major storm hit with 75-100 knot winds.  Other Goose was okay, but others where not so lucky. lots of boats dragged into each other, one boat had their bow ripped off and was taking on water, some boats ended up on the shore and rocks.

Clarity, Terry and Kim arrived from Treasure Cay and we all went to the JIB Room, for
a boaters potluck, and BINGO after.  I made veggie spring rolls, Terry made mini pizza's. It was a good night with lots of laughs and playing BINGO was a blast.  Half of the pot goes to a charity in the area, Every Child Counts and the Pot Cake Dogs etc.

we didn't win 

some art ideas

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