Saturday, 6 May 2017

April 26 - 30, 2017

this vessel called Assignation was parked at the dinghy dock, if this is the dinghy, I wonder what the
mother ship looks like

Eddie makes the best Conch Salad in the Abacoes

here we are getting our last take-a-way for the winter

supper tonight was one of our favourite .. Curry Chicken

Abacoes is full of these Black Butterfies
the spring flowers are all in bloom on the beaches

exploring another beach

a float

this area is so much like the Bruce Peninsula, minus the sand

gas and diesel jugs melted together

one area in Munjack Cay is full of these huge holes, we understand they
are the homes of Land Crabs, and they hide from the sun in the day and do their
feeding at night

Italy has invaded the anchorage area, 4 Cats came full speed and surrounded us
there was lots of singing and partying going on

Kapok Prickles

I finally found one, they are from Mexico, Central America, Carribean or West Africa
they are like the thorns on trees, but actually called Prickles

we finally got to hang up my hammock

we had about 5 days of sun and high winds, so starting at 11 until 1:30 
we super charged, de-sulfinated and equalized the batteries
next year we will do this only once a month

it was too windy to get off the boat, so we started to get the boat ready for storage
.. Joe is cleaning and greasing all of his tools

this picture is for Richard and Ella, back home ….  Viking Lady

the sails are being hand washed, dried and packed away

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