Sunday, 28 May 2017

May 6 - 10, 2017 haul out and returning home

paving trucks working their way thru New Providence's one way streets, that are
only wide enough for golf carts

it was a slow process, they are actually going the
wrong way on the one way street, there is only one way into the settlement and
one way out 

the ferry is waiting for the trucks to return empty, then it goes back to the main land
to fill the trucks up and a few hours later they return to continue working

here the truck are returning empty

back on the ferry 

a door knob on the New Plymouth Museum

the grave yard dated 1861

with only a few days left on the boat and our food supply is
running out, we treated our selves to a take away

soaking up the sun and warmth

back to boat chores, cleaning the stainless of rust

haul out day, positioning Modaki stern first

haul out  9am

well the prop will need some work

anode needs to be replaced

bringing our dinghy to be put under the boat, it cost is $70 in yard fees to
get it out of the water and moved to Modaki

laundry day

strapped down

Susan and Don on Old Sam, Nova Scotia had us over for lunch, they hauled out
just before us

yup this anode is done after 6 months

illegal in Canada and USA

the yard gave us Sea Hawk for our prop

strapped down for Hurricane Season

dinghy wrapped and strapped down

we have 6 jack stands and a cradle supporting Modaki, she should be good for
150 knot winds

removing our solar panels

lockers emptied and hung in the salon for more ventilation

lines hung and all electrical units unplugged and batteries
out of all flashlights

our bags unloaded from the boat

all the wood wrapped up, winches wrapped

diesel and gas cans strapped inside the cockpit and covered for the summer heat
… we took the temperature in the shade and it was 90F and in the sun 109F

one last thing we had to tie all the jack stands together, before

getting on the ferry for the mainland  $30
then we had Elizabeth our taxi lady pick us up and head to Marsh Harbour, as $85 dollar
ride to our hotel room $150, then another taxi ride to the airport $15 for our flight

Eleuthra Islands

Niagara Falls

coming into Toronto

CN Tower, we got thru customs and Terminal 3 okay, 3 hour wait for
the Grey Bruce Airbus to take us back to Owen Sound
.. we arrived just before midnight, Lily, my daughter, had our fridge stacked
full of food and some Chinese Take Out waiting, and Sue Allison
stocked the fridge with beer 


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