Friday, 17 November 2017

September 1 - November 16, 2017

my next project .. Red Pepper Jam and Relish,
more Christmas gifts finished

enjoying supper with Jamie and Martha from Project 50

Charlie and Chris on Wingspread came for a few days, they live in Honey Harbour
(they are now back in the Abacoes, living on their boat for the winter, we will see them
Nov. 22)

Joe's long time friend Bruce came for visit

work still continues at Lily's home, Mike and I installing flooring in the basement

Joe made a shelving cabinet for my sister and brother-in-law

Rowland and Joyce are enjoying the pull out drawers also
(we helped build them a new deck in May)

Sher and Drew came all the way from Malaysia for a visit

Lily getting 3 new windows installed, next year the two basement ones
will be replaced and then all windows will be brand new

Lily and Mike hosted Thanksgiving at her place … we finally got to
meet most of the Smith family

well done Lily Sue Ellen

we had a chance to visit Ron and Loretta Ball's place, Ron is a fellow sailer and a
fantastic wood worker …  this is his log cabin basement

he is also a furniture maker

here Ron is shocking wood to create an pattern he uses on his wooden bowls

an example of what happens to the wood

haul out day at Georgian Yacht Club

the boats are being put away for the winter, and Joe and I soon will be heading
back to Modaki in the Abacoes

my sisters Joyce and Louise

brother-in-laws Rowland and Mike

our neighbours moor ( ha ha ) their trailer in our lane way for the winter,
Linda and Ralph keep our lane way and front deck cleaned of snow while we are away

Joe and I gave a presentation at GYC  of our 3 years of sailing in the Bahamas,
it was well received and the food was great also

the work never ends, removing an unused leaking chimney at Sue's place

falling dead trees

Joe dropped it exactly were he wanted it

Sue is happy to get the extra fire wood

it was a rainy day for Halloween, but at least it was warm

our batman pumpkin

my birthday party with Sue, Lily, Mike and Joe
thanks everyone it was a great night

oh no, it is snowing
time to leave and head south

Joe has finished the work shop projects for this year, the lawn furniture 
is now inside

in a few days we close up the house and fly south

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