Friday, 17 November 2017

September 9, 2017 "Cancer fights dirty and so do WE "

Lily, Sue and I raised money to fight cancer

Lily and I in memory of my mom/grandmother
and Sue in memory of her mom

this event was held in Talismen Ski Resort an obstacle course thru mud 

on your mark get set and go

Sue pulled a muscle in her leg (and is still suffering with it), but Lily and I continued

the tires were tiring  

as we continued up the hill the view behind us was breath taking

finally made it half way

but not to the top of the hill yet

this was the muddiest challenge

coming down the hill now

yup Lily did get muddy

time to get washed off in this very cold water slide

at the bottom was a bubble bath tub

and if you still were muddy these sexy firefighters hosed you down
there was about 900 women partaking in this annual event

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