Thursday, 21 December 2017

December 10 - 20, 2017 … part two " Da end of Da Road "

walking into New Plymouth for a church singing and service

this little girl was entertaining us most of the night … she liked Joe's beard
… maybe she thought he was Santa

all the churches in New Plymouth was represented tonight … there
was a lot of beautiful gospel singing

the band was in the upstairs room … it was nice to see our Canadian flag

the next day we made arrangements for Bolo to pick us up

he came along side Modaki and we stepped aboard for our 1/2 ride across the
banks to our rental car

Trumpet Vine in full bloom

Coopers Town …. on a very settled day you can anchor off …Joe and I did that 
a few years ago

school is out for Christmas and all the boys were down on the
peer trying to catch some fish

they used the inside head part of a lobster for bait

this is the tiny villages that we will be passing thru on our way to "Da end of da Road "

the Chinese are building this port … it is huge … but the depth is only 7 1/2 feet 
.. no one can figure out this logic

the parking lot for the big trucks … see our car 

during one of the latest hurricanes … Little Abaco Cay and Great Abaco Cay
became one … from shifting sand bars .. so they built a bridge to join the two
….. now we are entering an all black community on Little Abaco Cay

in  August of this year they had a huge forest fire …. there is no fire departments here
so the fires can burn for days and weeks

another little fishing port

and the Sexy Conch Man was not home on the day we arrived

this lady was cutting up barracuda for a fish fry that they have on the
weekends ..  … she told us that her friend just called her a few minutes earlier and said
that a white car with two white people just stopped in front of her house and was taking pictures
of her flowers ….   news travels fast around here .

it looks like a good dinghy to me

the main road thru town

the medical centre and beside it is the very small post office and a one room Police station 
I went into the police station and asked if there was a place to eat in town …
and the officer said I will take you to Da Valley Restaurant … when I said no I just need
directions, which he gave me (3 minutes away)… then he said I will call them and 
say that you are arriving in a few minutes … and yes he did call and said we are on our way.

and we were the only customers for the first 1/2 hour

the view from Da Valley back deck

the owners son and a grouper picture

the walls covered in peoples names etc.  they even supply the
black marker

while we were waiting for our lunch another local came in and said
… come with me, do you want to see some Black Tip Sharks 

they were skinning the groupers and throwing the skin to the sharks

a very different looking phone

our cracked conch and fries … the best we have ever eaten

and of course we had to add our names to the wall

the people in the foreground are from Toronto and keep their small
run a bout at AYS .. but now have bought a place in Treasure Cay for the winter
they gave us some good local knowledge

some pictures of Fox Town
it is too shallow for us to get our boat  in here

the Treasure Cay Airport

a grave yard with some interesting looking head stones

Crew Harbour … the entrance was very narrow

this fishing boat must be touching the side walls on the way in and out

a new church being built

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