Thursday, 7 December 2017

December --- part two

rigging the lines for the main sail

its up and with the reef lines in also

Clarity moored beside us

now that's one big grocery list .. even though we did not get many fresh veggies

a walk to Dat Beach

and we turned around quickly and headed back to the boat

I brought all new spices this year … after a few years of extreme heat they loose
the goodness

Joe replacing the galley leaking tap

after the thunderstorm and 2 inches of freshwater … Joe had a dinghy bath

a hitch hiker

Munjack Cay to pick up our orchids

Leslie gave us some star fruit that was ripe

one of her many chickens 

Leslie the keeper of my two boat orchids .. tending to her own orchids

a bee hive hole .. protected by an old fender

Joe cracking a coconut for us

the beach with the Rays and Sharks

one evil looking eye

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