Thursday, 3 March 2016

February 22, 2016

Bob and Patricia came for a visit

making our sign for Boo Boo Hill

on a mooring ball in Warderick Wells

the park office

first part of the mooring field

bones of a sperm whale that died from eating plastic

trail to Boo Boo Hill

all the signs up on the Hill

Happy Birthday Joe

his very own cherry cheese cake

movie night

because of the current every boat was heading in different directions

Monday February 22, 2016

We left at 7:45 to get the high tide to passage thru a 4 ft low tide area.
We got a phone call from Beef saying to meet him at the dock at Black Point and he would take us to the dinghy. We had a great sail all the way from Rudder Cay to Black Point, the wind is in our favour.
We got to see the dinghy that has no oars and no drain plug.  A price was settled on, but the seller was to find a proper plug.  There is no hardware or marine stores on this island.  The dinghy looked good and was blown up.  To make a long frustrating story short, the seller did not find a plug, he never even tried to find one.  Grace had a plug for us to try.  So the next morning without telling the seller, we went to the dinghy and our drain plug fit, but the dinghy was partly deflated, so it had a leak some where.
We gave up and left.

In the mean time Snowbird and Moonlight Maid arrived at Black Point from George Town. They both had a very frightening time coming into Cave Cay Cut.  The tide was going out and wind and waves coming in, this is what is called a Rage.  We are glad the boats and crew made it without damage and injuries.

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