Wednesday, 16 March 2016

March 11-15, 2016 a new dinghy, cleaning Modaki

we walked about 2 miles to this place to renew our Immigration Visa … we now are legal again and have another
90 days  to stay in the Bahamas
this is the outside looking in ..

the inside of the building with a beautiful court yard ..

at the dock at Mangoes Marina .. giving Modaki a spa day … wishing
off 1 1/2 months of salt accumulation

We have found a new to us  dinghy at the Moorings Charter … and a price set
at $850  …

Joe is still working at urethaning the inside of the boat, 3 coats on everything … the salon is just about

we met with Pat and Tutti Phelan from Keltic Kat , Nova Scotia (niece of Bill and Anne Taylor, GYC members)
they store their boat at Abaco Yacht Services and they gave us some good ideas for this year

Charlie and Chris, from Wingspread and Victoria Harbour, Ontario … also
spend a few hours giving us what they do for leaving their
boat in the Abacos for the summer

here they are playing Boucce  Ball

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