Wednesday, 16 March 2016

March 5-10, 2016 Clarity heading back to Canada

guess who me met at Treasure Cay … all from our Yacht Club
Brad Krampian, Ruppert and Sharon Evans, Terry and Kim Ferenczy
and Kevin Prentice and his wife

we went to a Happy Hour pot luck on L Dock … permanent winter boaters .. and guess what
most of them are Canadian

even with some live music .. the guy in the front had a drum with a stick and string 
it sure made for an interesting sound

Kim and I want for a very long walk to an ocean beach at a new moon low tide, here is alive sand dollars making their way some where

very interesting move this guy made

when we got back, we found Joe and Terry enjoying the
hot tub …  it was great to spend a few days with them…
Clarity is sailing back to Owen Sound as we speak 

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