Friday, 28 July 2017

July 22, 2017 Happy 85th Birthday Harriet Parker

the party started at 3pm and it stopped raining at 2:30 pm……

Harriet's brother, Doug was able to attend for a short time .. it was good to 
see him up and walking again

Miss Lily and Mike

Harriet's kids … Joe, Kim, Mary Ann, Pat, Pam and Susan

Harriet's dear friends …. Sylvia, Donna and Fran

grand kids and great grand kids having fun in our back yard
we had lots of snacks and then a BBQ

Harriet, Sylvia and Makai

it was good to see Sheila again, she and Pat looked after my coconut palm
over the winter and they are moving to the Philippines next year

Pat in blue, John and Mary Ann and Michael

Happy Birthday Harriet …. lets do it all over again next year !!!!

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