Friday, 28 July 2017

June 4 - 9, 2017 decks, railing and friends

having a BBQ at Sue's country home, with friends from France

Lily, Nat, Mike and Mars enjoying family and friend times

Lily and Mike had a two day garage sale, thank goodness the
weather cooperated

while the garage sale was happening in the front yard, deck building was
happening in the back yard

this addition is 10 ft by 23 ft .. lots of extra outdoor space

I got my coconut palm back from Joe's brother… and it is really growing

one of Joe's shop projects is to replace this transom on a friends dinghy 

it sure took a lot of clamps to laminate the wood

the next weekend we had a deck, decking blitz, thanks to Sue Allison and my sister and brother in law, who came as a surprise to help out … Joyce and Rowland Gateman

Joe and I added a pet to our life, a male Beta fish, he is the colour of the Bahama's waters
so his name is Abaco

another job was this 2nd story railing, it was a bit difficult, because we had to take
all the lumber up by ladder …but  project completed

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