Friday, 28 July 2017

July 23 - 27, 2017 in our back yard

finally spending time in our own back yard … Joe installing an old rooster weather vane
that I picked up

the view of our back yard from the roof of the yard shed .. it is
still a work in process … we hope to build a roof over our deck this fall
before we head back to the Bahamas

Sue arrived in her Mazda Miata, and took Harriet
for a zoom zoom ride around town … this is one cool
85 year old woman

over looking one of the hills in the Walters Falls area ..  view from my back door

I'm dog sitting Finn, Scottish Deer Hound .. 

view from my front door … and yes once the contractors left the premises, I had
a really nice swim in this warm pool

well that is it for now .. I was so late in posting, and I over looked many of the
jobs and items of interest … August is soon here, so I hope I can
keep up with the blog in a more fashionable manner   

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