Sunday, 20 December 2015

December 18-19, 2015 Green Turtle Cay …. very windy

some residence are getting into the Christmas spirit

winds blowing 25 knots, gusting to 30 for the next two days

scraping the old varnish off the Port and Stern .. Joe will varnish on Sunday with the first coat

Joe blowing the conch … the only person in the anchorage to do so

we hung our outdoor Christmas lights … we have already got a good comment from a boating

hanging our indoor lights …

December 18-19, 2015

I forgot to mention :
our Immigration Arrival Card is only for 90 days, so we will have to renew it in 3 months
our cruising and fishing permit is for one year
we paid $150 for our 29 ft boat .. Snowbird thought that they owed $300 , as they paid last year, but that legislation did not pass. So only boats over 35 ft pay $300…. Snowbird is 35 ft.  … Dave bought us all drinks

We had a very windy night, we knew a low was coming, that is why we took a mooring ball at $20/day, and Joe talked him into $100 for 7 days, but that only takes us up to the day before Xmas Eve.

The winds was now from the North - NE at 25 knots gusting to 30 knots.  There was no going to shore today, we did more boat chores. We moved the boarding ladder to STB side, I scrapped the old wood from Port side and stern.  Joe will do the first coat of varnish on Sunday.  Only the taxies Bolo II and Bolo III are going any where today.
This would of been a good day to be at the dock, but $$$

We got an email back from Keltic Kat, Pat and Tutti, (Nova Scotia), niece of Bill and Anne Taylor, GYC Members, they are in Man of War on a Mooring ball for a month.  We hope to meet up when ever we get around the "WHALE".

We have an overabundance of power today from the wind generator and now the sun is trying to come out.  We charged our
I-Pod, (listening to Bruce Cockburn singing xmas carols), cordless drill (from drilling new holes in the toe rail for the ladder move), blender (made hummus), Portable VHF (calling Snowbird).
Oh yeah Snowbirds outboard got picked up yesterday in the late PM, so they hope it won't take long to fix.  In the mean time we will give them a ride, and when the wind settles down they will row to shore.

Te Amor, Janise and Cam (Nova Scotia) is also in the same anchorage, we had a good chat yesterday.

the high winds are to continue for Sunday also,  so not too sure what that day will bring … we still need to repair our leaking forward hatch, but that means removing it completely first … maybe not in these winds

to be continued ….

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  1. Hi guys. Been following your adventures from the comfort of my armchair. Nice to see you have arrived safely albeit not without a few challenges. Enjoy your time in the sun. Rob & Jan.