Saturday, 12 December 2015

December 9-12, 2015 …. did not cross to Bahamas…still waiting for the weather window

I just missed a picture of this pelican sleeping, they lay their head back on their back .. he's cute anyway

Wednesday we thought we where leaving to cross to the Bahamas .. and did your last bit of provisioning, but as the day went by we decided that there was too much north wind for a small boat like ours …  Here Clarity is leaving to head down to Lake Worth inlet for the night and get a early start

Kim waving us good bye …

there they go

for one of the first time this year, the solar and wind was not giving us enough power for the house batteries , when we started the engine, all we smelt was burning rubber .. so we changed the belt with a new one, but it has been on the boat for years .  then we walked to a Yanmar dealer that sold us parts last year, to get two new belts for back up, belt guy had to order them in…... the story continues

our dinghy landing area, you always get wet at high or low tide

a hazy day looking down the river

we are also having an issue with the dinghy, leaking air and letting in water, Terry on Clarity lent us some G-FLEX and it stopped most of the issues … now no water comes in but we must have another air leak some where

Thursday we kept thinking how Clarity was doing with their crossing with  thunder clouds forming over the ocean … we got a few texts from Clarity and the first was that they where delayed in the morning by fog, so didn't leave at 5am, more like 6:30 .. and the next, Terry said that Modaki made the right decision to not cross the waves on the beam where not comfortable, and would of been tough on a 30 footer

we thought that we had seen the last of tree frogs on the boat … this little guy was living in my orchid plant, under the bark …he went for a swim, once we caught him

with the dinghy not functional, I decided to crack our coconut on board, using kitchen knives .. it only took we 1/2 hour … a serrated bread knife was the best 

all done .. now open the actual coconut

Richard and Ella gave us some German potatoes in a box, you just fry them .. so good, I added onions and garlic too, it says that it serves 2 people, it was more like 4 people… thanks or the gift, we have two more boxes to enjoy in the Bahamas

lots of catfish under the boat … 

sunset on North Lake Worth

so back to the alternator, we had another cloudy, windless day, and we started the engine to charge the batteries .. once again we smelt burning rubber … last year we had the same issue, but it was a wire touching the motor and melting … not the issue this time …  we called the belt guy, who gave us the alternator guy's number … we called them and they said bring it in to us and we will test it … we explained that we have to rent a car first and will be there within 2 hours …  Bill, alternator guy said, oh no I will come and pick you up … and it was only 15 minutes by car … so we met him at our dinghy landing, went to the shop, tested it and other than some corroded connections it was in good shape … so Bill dropped us off at the belt guys place, to get our new belts, then we walked back to the dinghy landing .. installed the alternator and the burning smell was still there … we disconnected the alternator and ran the engine, and no smell … now what … we then installed one of the two brand new belts and only a little bit of a smell, then no smell  …  so lets hope the no smell continues .
Friday night we had to run the motor again and no issues ..

Saturday, today, we worked out the bus system and called our selves seniors, and went about 3 miles away to the Garden's Mall, $1/each way … we both got shorts, I bought new Crocs, and we got a Xmas looking mat for inside the boat … it will go with our Christmas lights … 

thats it for now, it looks like next Tuesday will be the next weather window .. so lets hope it holds .

we are expecting Snow Bird to arrive at the anchorage in a few days, we hope to cross with them

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