Wednesday, 2 December 2015

November 30 - December 2, 2015 meeting up again with sailing friends

sorry I can't seem to get the pictures in order … here goes any way
we are now across Lake Okeechobee and thru Lock Mayaca … this is the 49 ft rail road bridge .. we are 47 ft high, so we just squeeze thru .. no problems again this time

St Lucie Waterway .. it is about 300 feet across

this is our crossing of Lake Okeechobee ..heading left to right, we left at first light 6:45 .. the winds about 10-12 knots from N - NE … we had the foresail up for the first part and motor sailed, then we headed north .. the sails came down and motored pounding into 4-5 ft waves .. the wind picked up as we got closer to the middle of the lake … where you see the zig zag, the motor was off and both sails up .. with a bit higher winds … then on the straight part the motor was on and winds became very light …  as we reached the Mayaca Lock the winds picked up again, but by now we knew we had made it ..   5 1/2 hours

we made arrangements to stop and spend a few nights at Indian Town Boat Yard .. our friends on Snow Bird are there getting the boat ready to put into the water. Joe helped Dave install a new Windlass and I helped Janine finish waxing the hull

enjoying a meal in the club house

next was unpacking the dinghy and seeing if it will last us another year

some of the boats in the work yard .. mold and mildew has even covered the mast and boom .. a beautiful ocean boat

our Halifax friends on Moonlight Maid , Alan and Heather ..are also in the boat yard, preparing their boat for launch…. we spent a few days together in the Bahamas

a very interesting paint job on this boat

Happy Hour with Moonlight Maid and Snow Bird … Heather and Alan are heading to Georgetown with their daughter Hayley on board, we will meet them there .. and SnowBird we will see again for the crossing or in the Abacos ...

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