Wednesday, 30 December 2015

December 29-30, 2015 .. sand dollars and wifi again

at anchor at Powell Cay
for the night


the cruisers make displays from the junk washed ashore
and sign their boat name to it

a hermit crab taking over an empty shell

the  Captain leading the way to the ocean beach

the beach was in a horseshoe shape, maybe a mile long … we where the only ones
walking it at low tide

it is hard to see, but it is a crab that walks sideways

there is lots of hardhats washed ashore

we have no idea what this is .. it looks like it was dropped from the sky and it was into the
sand about one foot .. we pulled it out of its home

I saw some sand dollar broken pieces on the sand and guess what there was hundreds of pieces
just off the shore line 

and I managed to collect five complete ones

a wreck

Joe fibre glassing the dinghy now

my sand dollars and a baby sea biscuit and a dead star fish that we returned to the water,
it was starting to smell a bit

a nice sunset behind Snowbird

the 30th, we are back in White Sound at anchor, getting rid of garbage, buying diesel, water, doing one load of laundry, Joe hung it on the lifelines to dry and I got caught up with the blog .. of yeah and we returned about 1/2 dozen emails

this aluminum boat is from France, what a sleek design

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