Sunday, 10 April 2016

April 2-9, 2016 Part Two Crossing The Whale and on the North part of the Abaco

this canon is at Mangoes Marina and this Curly Tail is usually looking out the opening

this is the The Best for sure for BBQ ribs … right in the centre of Marsh Harbour

you can smell the cooking from blocks away … it is all cooked out side with big industrial
fans  cooling the area

a wall of flowers

we came into Mangoes to get prepared with food, diesel, gas, laundry etc.  we spent two nights on the dock … we are in the middle of a new moon and are having extreme high and low tides … this is one of the few times we where able to step down into the dock .. and at low tide we where in the muck

we met up again with Persephone, Bob and Patricia, and we had a pot luck lunch together,
they are heading back to the Dominican Republic and work for the summer … but hope to
come back to the Abacos next summer and maybe do a charter business … last time we
say them was at anchor at Bitter Guana Cay in the Exumas …the only boats in a beautiful

Joe is continuing to  spruce up Modaki's interior

 my pictures have got them selves mixed up … this is a Cruisers Music Get together
at Pineapple Bar in New Plymouth

we met up with a lot of cruisers that have bumped into this year on our travels 

Zingaro … Alison and Dave, from Nova Scotia

their boat Zingaro

while at the Pineapple a float plane landed

I've started to wash down the interior with vinegar, to stop the mold from growing over the summer

while cleaning I found about 1/2 of the nuts and bolts loose on the hanging locker window
they must of loosened with all the heavy seas we have been in this year .. they are all tightened now

after our boat chores we took another walk to the ocean

and this is what it looks like .. again we are the only ones on the beach

we found some Nicker trees

they are very prickly and it takes some care to open them and get the bean out ..
some people string them together for jewellery 

a friendly bird walked part of the beach with us .. we thought it was wounded
at first because it was not flying off … 

another example of extreme low tides

our beach combing finds

I made another rum cake … and shared some with Trinity 1

this diver is kept very busy cleaning the bottoms of personal water craft and the Moorings Fleet
I'm not too sure if I would spend much time in Marsh Harbour waters.

here is where the pictures got mixed up …. Paper Bird crossing the Whale with us

and Unicorn also … it was the best crossing we have had on the Whale

we met up later with Kathy and Phil, Unicorn in Black Sound
Joe and I went there to see Trinity 1 and Wingspread, they are hauling out in a few days
at AYS, the same place we are 

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