Sunday, 10 April 2016

April 2-9, 2016 Part one -- Souse Out and Great Guana Cay

the local Rotary Club was putting on a fund raising Souse Out at Snappers Bar, in Marsh Harbour
since I have never made souse we went for a sampling… this is Chicken Souse … and Joe had the following Conch Souse …  with Jonny Cake

there was also, Pigs Feet Souse, Pork Souse, Beef Tongue Souse, Fish Souse and a few others
it is cooked in a lot of lime juice and is served for breakfast .. a hangover cure, so we are told

another hand picked flower from my Captain

we took a dinghy ride around a few creeks in the area, this one place would be a perfect
hurricane home if it was not so full of sunken boats, this MV still have two big
motors on the stern

a sailboat, still with the sails on, and two dinghies on the deck

my boat orchids, I need to find a summer home for them

back to the boat because another front is coming thru our area, it turned out to not be
too strong and only gave us a bit of rain …

we headed off the next morning and had a great sail to Great Guana Cay for a change of scenery
here we are walking up to Nippers Bar and Grill, they even have a golf cart that will
pick you up and take you up the hill 

last year I mentioned this, did you know that 4 log homes are on the island,
and they came from Wiarton, Ontario
Brough and Whitcher (old name) and now Frontier Log Homes

one of the homes you can rent
and they are right beside Nippers … so if you rent one be aware of all the
partying that goes on there

this is Nippers,which is located on the ocean side of the island and they have two pools, a bar, restaurant and gift shop
we got there before opening at 11 am and goes UNTIL ????
The Barefoot Man preforms here

it was a cold and cloudy day and Joe and I where the only ones on the beach
we got soaked a few times with passing rain showers

we are interested in the plants, trees and flowers .. this is a Caster Bean Plant, poison
there is also the Poison Wood Tree, and it is said to not stand under it when it is raining

some cute guys carved out of stone

Orchid Bay Marina was bursting with blossoms, this time of the year

we also stopped in at Dive Guana, they are in the middle of building a store in the Settlement,
we understand that Bakers Bay (for the rich and famous), bought the land as part of their big development on the other end of the island, and Dive Guana is forced to move.

it takes 15 years for a conch to grow, this is some of the stages

it was too cold to snorkel on the reef that is in the middle of the anchorage, so we spent
a relaxing time reading … back to Marsh Harbour tomorrow

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