Saturday, 2 April 2016

March 31 - April 1, 2016 The historic Yellow Castle, Marsh Harbour

Escape Velocity dropping the dock lines, heading for Guana Cay with their Irish relatives

Joe repainting the anchor rode, another maintenance job before
Modaki is stored for the summer in the Abaco

Paper Bird (Lynne and Greg) and Unicorn (Kathy and Phil)
always a great visit and get together with these friends

another part of Modaki's interior finished, the 3rd coat brushed on
Joe is determined to have the complete interior finished before haul out

we have never seen this before, the freight boat came in and
the shelves are completely beautifully stocked
it will be all gone by Sunday or Monday

Dr. Cottman's Castle

daughter Gayle lives here now with her 2 Pot Cakes
she says the maintenance is getting the better of her, too much and too expensive to maintain

the highest hill in Marsh Harbour .. at one time the Doctor owned all the land that you
can see in this picture, and more to the right of picture

at one time the Castle was opened as a small restaurant 

a bronze sculpture of Gayle made by Don Wood, she called him Donny .. good friends
Don Wood was the artist we went to see in March Harbour

Fang, one of her Pot Cakes

it sure looks like a castle … 

Paper Bird and Unicorn and Modaki are all wearing the foot wear of choice for boaters

Mahi Mahi
a fresh catch

Modaki's supper  pork chops, Asian hot salad, cole slaw and bean salad

March 31- April 1, 2016

After listening to the Cruiser's Net, Harry, Gerry and Fiona came and we unfurled our foresail and furled it back up again.  It looks like nothing is damaged, but the real test is out on the water with some wind.
Next we helped Escape Velocity off the dock at high tide.

I did more laundry and Joe boat chores.
Paper Bird and Unicorn came for a visit and we got caught up on 
a lot of topics.
Another movie night "Concussion", based on a true story of a Doctor
discovering the brain damage that some football players endure in the sport.
(Will Smith and Alex Baldwin)  - very good

We told Paper Bird and Unicorn about the Abaco Asian Market and they also got a few movies.  Today we ordered 3 more and bought home made
Asian Spring Rolls and an Asian Spicy hot Salad.  - so good

April 1, Friday

We walked and got to Maxwells groceries even before it opened at 8 am.
We where shocked to see the shelves fully stocked with fresh produce, the boat came in.  By Sunday the shelves will be mostly bare.

After unloading our groceries and paying our dockage at Mangoe's we moved out to the anchorage.
After lunch we joined Paper Bird and Unicorn at Mermaid Reef
to go snorkelling. We took corn kernels and where swarmed
by the fish.

We got a chance to visit Dr. Cottman's Castle and meet his daughter Gayle.
The castle was built in the 1940's, it rests quietly on the highest hill in Marsh Harbour.  Evans Cottman, an American Doctor, who once practised in the Out Islands of the Bahamas, built the castle him self.
The castle is now hidden in a neighbourhood of modern homes, the unique and out of place architecture is still visible from a sailboat
at anchor.

Gayle is the secretary for the 'Pot Cake" foundation.
Pot Cakes are the stray dogs of the Bahamas. The name came from the scraps left in a pot of food. You make it into a cake and give it to them 
to eat.

Dr. Cottman wrote 2 books
Out Island Doctor, telling his doctorian days going from island to
island, he did everything from pull teeth to delivering babies
My Castle in the Air …. how the castle was built … and how long it even took to get a road up the hill, before he could start to build.

It is a quiet night at anchor, just the sound of live music drifting across the waters from The Jib Room

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