Saturday, 2 April 2016

March 26-27, 2016 Trinity I and Private Anchorge

Breadfruit fruit, it is support to be like a potato when it is cooked, a starchy vegetable

I don't think it is to look like this when opened up .. we will try again

some dark clouds forming, but the big blow is a few days away

we dinghy to the Jib Room and went for a walk-a-bout on the other side of the island
love this entrance to this home

Moses plant growing out of a stone wall

Trumpet Vine all in flower this time of the year

in many different colours

Banana tree

the Captain picked me one for my boat vase

collected some Turkey Wing Shells

Dan and Lucie  from Trinity I leaving to cross The Whale

we moved outside Marsh Harbour to swim and snorkel in cleaner water

one of the restaurants near the Ferry Dock

locals swimming in Crossing Beach, see our dinghy in the picture, the kids where
hoping to sit in it, but the parents kept them away

Modaki at anchor in 8 feet of water, a new private anchorage for us

March 23-25, 2016

We needed a change in scenery, so we set our sails, left Marsh Harbour, and headed to Fisher's Bay on Guana Cay.  One tack took us all the way.
Grabbers Bar and Grill has a cruisers pot luck every Wednesday evening.
I made a curry cassava dish. 
Te Amor, Escape Velocity and Zingaro where there, it was a good time with lots of great food.  We managed to get back to the boat before complete darkness.
The next morning Janis and Cam (Te Amor) and Dave and Alison Lee, Zingaro, all from Nova Scotia came over for coffee and Carribean Rum
Fruit Cake. They also wanted to see my OMNI oven, that I do all my baking in.  We soon parted ways and Modaki headed back to Marsh Harbour, one tack again, and the Nova Scotia boats crossed
The Whale

We did a small grocery shopping and went to the Asian Store again and bought 6 more movies, that have been down loaded, illegal in Canada for sure … 3 for $10.  We are enjoying movie nights on the boat.

Mangoe's Marina boaters where having a Happy Hour and we got invited by Wingspread (Charlie and Chris).  To everyones surprise Ray, the marina manager supplied, wine, pop, BBQ chicken and BBQ ribs, about 12 boxes of food.  The ribs where so good that when we get back to Marsh again we will order a box or two for Take Away.

Wingspread left the next day to cross The Whale.

Joe and I had a great visit with Trinity 1 (Dan and Lucie), from Rockland, Ontario, near Ottawa … they two are getting ready to depart  around
The Whale

March 26-27, 2016
Both Trinity 1 and Wingspread haul out at AYC, within a day of each other, April 11 & 12.  You have to buy all your supplies, food, refreshments, boat supplies etc. in Marsh Harbour, because there is not much available in Green Turtle and New Providence Settlement.

We haul out April 25, so we still have some time to explore and get prepared on the south end of The Whale.

Off we sailed again and headed to the east side of Mermaid Reef.  Most boaters anchor and snorkel at Mermaid, but we wanted more privacy so we went a bit further east, close to Crossing Beach.  We snorkelled on the anchor, saw that the boat bottoms needs some cleaning.  Walked a small beach, full of local children swimming, went to the Albury's Ferry Dock and found out their schedule, and had another movie night.

The next day we just stayed put (Easter Sunday), read, slept, did boat chores, relaxed and still no boats near us.
We listened in on a small Church Service at a gazebo on shore, 
so we can now say we went to Church on Easter Sunday.

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