Sunday, 18 January 2015

January 14 - 17, 2015 break down, US Coast Guard

Joe changing one of the fuel filters

both of them look like brand new, and they are

TowBoatUS giving us a tow

MODAKI going above hull speed

finishing up the paper work

our 12 miles out to the ocean and back

Alderaan and Sanderling crew

buying water for 30 cents a litre at Publix

fire on shore

crack in the fuel line … this is probably the issue all along

US Coast Guard after our boarding … 

we had no violations

January 14, 2015

When you anchor within 200 ft of the ICW you are awakened at daylight by all the monster tall fishing boats heading out to sea.  Time to get up and hold down what ever we left on the table last night. Soon we started to change the fuel filters, the first one was not dirty but we found a few very small crystals. Then changing the small filter it looked brand new, both of them where changed and had only 12 engine hours on them.  Then we worked for about 1 1/2 hours bleeding the lines and nothing was working..

Our friends that had to turn around and head back radioed us to see how we made out., not good.   A decision was made to call TowBoatUS, within 20 minutes we where hooked up and Joe was raising the anchor.  The tiller tied down securely and off we went in tow.

Monitoring Channel 11, we where checked on a few times to confirm everything was ok. Modaki went well above hull speed, but she was not complaining at all.
Joe remarked that maybe some bottom growth will be washed off. (our speed meter is not working again).

Before noon we dropped our anchor, then the tow lines, just a few 100 ft from where we left some 18 hours earlier. The wind was from the north and we dug in well.
We googled to find a Yanmar dealer, and one was about 2 miles away, so we ordered parts.

The wind overnight was so strong and whistling and howling it reminded us of a snow storm.  Thinking of our family and friends back home.

We had a great happy hour with Bob and Diane (Sanderling) and Mark and Anne (Alderaan). With lots of laughs, which made us all feel better after all our mishaps in the last 24 hours.

January 16, 2015

Sanderling, rented a car and offered to take Joe and I to pick up our parts.  With a quick walk back, we installed them.  Joe also found a crack in a fuel line and he repaired that too.
Tomorrow we take MODAKI for a test drive to see how everything works.

We received some very sad news yesterday, Joe's ex-boss and good friend, Dave Taylor, owner of Lands and Forests Consulting, passed away suddenly, he was only 63 years.  We are in total shock on this news.  Thinking of Susan and family back in Chesley, Ontario

January 17, 2015

our engine test drive down to the Lake Worth Inlet and back went without a sputter, but we sputtered a bit the
U.S. Coast Guard pulled us over and boarded
they checked our passports, boat registration, safety gear, made sure that we had a holding tank and it was locked, checked out the engine, asked when we entered U.S., and what the next step was etc etc.
We had no violations, and we have the paper work to prove it too.

Once back to our usual anchoring spot we headed to town to get diesel. Joe was wanting fish and chips for supper, so we picked that up at Publix and back out to the boat for a quiet evening aboard.

Tuesday now looks like a weather window for a day time crossing to WestEnd, Abacos, Bahamas

There will be no more night crossing if we can avoid it.

to be continued ……

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  1. You need to drink rum with lots of juice to get rid of the colds! Pics are amazing and the water looks great... can't wait to get there. So sad to hear about Sam, would not have known if you hadn't mentioned it, thank you.