Sunday, 25 January 2015

January 22-23-24, 2015

January 22, 2015

We are up early to listen to Chris Parker at 6:30, and he was not on this morning, so we got ready for the next leg,… 57 nm and it took 11 hours … we need to check into customs
We motored for the first part of the trip, then when we got to Crab Cay, with a change of direction, we had both sails up and motor off for a few hours.

The motor ran well … we finally got the anchor down at Green Turtle Cay at 5:30, sunset.

January 23, 2015

We pumped up the dinghy and headed to shore to check into customs.  There was a sign on the door saying be back at 11:30, which changed to 1:30 to 2pm, Bahamian time, I guess.
We headed back to Modaki and proceeded to haul anchor and headed into White Sound a protected harbour.  We managed to get one of the last mooring balls available. Then to shore and rented a golf cart to head the 5 miles back to New Plymouth and customs.  We rented the cart for 4 hours, it was $35.00 plus $5.00 for gas.

We had lunch of cracked conch, with potato salad and cucumber salad, and headed back to customs, and waited and waited.  Finally the officer arrived and we filled out all the 4 pages of forms, paid our $150.00 cash, boat under 30 ft.  Over 30 ft it was $300.00, hopped in the golf cart and headed back to White Sound.

To our surprise WALKABOUT was at anchor, Carman and Randy, we first met at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia in Augusta 2014, and again Annapolis, Maryland, USA in October 2014 and now Green Turtle Cay January 2015.  They knew we where arriving soon and waited to see us again.

Another surprise SNOWBIRD came in to White Sound.  We travelled with them for 6 weeks October to December 2014. We had many stories to share with WALKABOUT and SNOWBIRD.

Laundry was needed to be done and we bit the bullet and paid $4.75 each wash and $4.65 each dry, in total we spent nearly $24 for 2 loads. They shower rooms where unlocked, so we now have ourselves, bedding and clothes all smelling nice.  LOL

We had our first of 3 lows pass thru today.  Winds gusting to 38 knots was recorded  in this protected anchorage, with torrential rain.  We sat these out on WALKABOUT, with MODAKI swinging on a mooring ball close by.

We had a pot luck supper on SNOWBIRD, with all the good laughs that brought us together a few months ago.

The wind died over night, but tonight Sunday the 2nd low with stronger winds is to pass thru, then the 3rd will hit on Tuesday- Wednesday.

We are in good spirits, but are worried about our fuel tank issues.  When the weather clears we will head off to March Harbour, there is a Yanmar Dealer and NAPA dealer there.

WALKABOUT left for Guana Cay and a pig roast, then to Marsh Harbour.

We are off to the beach with SNOWBIRD and our snorkelling gear.

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  1. HI guys! hope you get your fuel tank issues sorted out! We are hoping to be in Florida in 10 days and head south to Lake Worth. It's still a little chilly up here but it sure beats Ontario!! Fair winds!