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January 5 - 8, 2015 North Lake Worth ….. Happy Birthday, Sue Allison

January 5 - 8, 2015
LAKE WORTH, mile 1014 (also known as North Palm Beach)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sue Allison, my life long friend

The east side of the anchorage is quite large and depths from 9 - 14 ft.  The west side has some mooring balls and 2 marina's, the guide books say that you can only stay on the west side for max. 4 nights and you could be charged.
Right now there are 25 boats anchored here….. when we arrived here ,there was 15 boats.
The dinghy landing area is about 1/2 a mile away, heading north before a bridge and it has a small sandy beach, at high tide the water is past your knees, and at low tide you are still going to get wet feet.  You bolt your dinghy to a steel fence, dividing private property and the shore's edge.
Up over the bridge and one block is Publix, (grocery store).  Turn to the left 1 1/2 blocks is West Marine. Wine and Spirits, 4 blocks right.  Joe walked over the PGA Bridge, 3/4 mile to buy diesel at $2.87 gal. from a gas station because the Marina close by wants $4.47 gal.  We have a foldable West Marine dolley that we got at a 2nd hand store to carry heavy goods and we use it for diesel, water, groceries.
For water we bring our 4 - 1 gal jugs to West Marine to fill them from the washroom tap, then back to the boat to fill our inboard tank.
We had an issue with our macerator, a bolt dropped off inside the motor, so it too now had to be replaced. The messy job turned into a not so messy job, because we have not used our head for over a month.  When we where in the boat yard at Ft. Pierce we used the washrooms there.  It was a bit of a mad dash either late at night or first in the morning, but we had no place to pump out legally..
Then the gremlins hit again and our portable anchor light refused to work. Joe took it apart and the sensor was broken, he spent a lot of time on bypassing the sensor, but it still was not reliable. So off to West Marine for another light and more water.
There is no laundry facility near, so we have been hand washing clothes in salt water, rinsing twice in salt water and then in fresh water.  It has been windy enough to dry them from the life lines in 1/2 a day.
Yesterday another Canadian boat arrived, "Mistress" but have moved to one of the Marinas.  One other boat is from Switzerland and the rest either live aboard or from US.
Last night we had gale force winds in the anchorage. Many times  Modaki just shuttered. And it got cold with the north wind we had to pull out our douvet.
It is now 5pm and the winds have picked up again.
Today is a stay on the boat day.  I'm making Spicy Lentil Stew for supper. We are both organizing the boat again. It is not easy keeping  a 30 ft boat uncluttered with all the extra food, parts, supplies, etc that we have put on for our 3-4 months in the Bahamas.  And when will we get there????  As soon as the winds settle down from the north, maybe the middle of next week.
Joe is also tweaking the motor again, and cleaned out the cockpit locker and rearranging, fenders, lines, shore cords to make room for our snorkelling fins, masks and gear.  Another cruiser from "Sanderling" came to help Joe understand the SSB a bit better, and give us more channels to investigate.   Every morning at 6:30 - 7:30 we listen to Chris Parker for  the weather from Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida and the Gulf Stream and getting his advise on crossing the Gulf Stream.
 … to be continued

fishing lines caught in hydro lines crossing the bridge
there is a lot of money hanging there

McLaren sports car

jJoe's thinking about selling the boat and buying one of these … just around 1/2 million dollars

We have been trying to stay connected with our sailing friends that we have met since July 2014

Janis and Cam on Te Amor (Nova Scotia), is on their way to Cuba, Janis has a hip operation there soon, but they are stalled in GeorgeTown, because of the weather.

Andy and Judy on Jacobs Ladder (Nova Scotia)
Dave and Corinne on At Last (Nova Scotia and Ontario)
are in the Bahamas heading south to the Caribbean, and for sure that bunch are having a great time.

Janine and Dave on Snowbird (Ontario) our buddy boat for 6 weeks, we sure miss the 5pm drinks with you guys
are in the Abacos, some where hiding from these north winds … we will see you soon !

Catherine and Gavin on Jump (Toronto) they are back from Christmas in Canada and work on their boat is still in progress, they are in St. Augustine, Florida, and will be heading to the Bahamas soon.

Carman and Randy on Walkabout (Peru and Annapolis), are also in St. Augustine, Florida, getting electrical issues looked after, but are soon heading our way, maybe we will cross the Gulf Stream together

Susan and Rick on OtherGoose  (Owen Sound), have been following us for a while now, they are in Georgia … hurry up you two ….it would be good to see you soon

Jerry on Cloud Chaser (boat Wiarton, Jerry, Nova Scotia and Ontario)
is launching January 10, 2015 from Fort Pierce, and will cross to the Bahamas soon after … see you there Jerry

there are so many others that we contacted with here and there … looking forward to seeing our friends again and making more new friends along the way

to be continued ……

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